Tuesday, April 1, 2008


OK, this is kinda silly, but a bartender friend of mind, Vanessa, wanted to sneeze, but she couldn't. She looked up at the light or sunlight to try to trigger her sneeze. But, it didn't happen. This is very frustrating...and I had an experience with this. You want to sneeze, but can't. She describes it as "losing the sneeze," this uncomfortable feeling of being a little clogged up, but not able to get rid of the sneeze . It just feels good. I'm sure researchers have looked into this phenomenon, but as of late I haven't seen anything conclusive in the "New England Journal of Medicine." Oh, I've checked. Nothing about sneezing and nothing about how to either initiate a sneeze or restrict it. I wish I could offer some solace for those enduring this dilmena, but I can't. I like to end my little stories and commentaries with some sort of conclusion, but I have to admit, I will now have to let you down, because, I have no answer.

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  1. If you ever need to really get a sneeze out, try to pull on a nose hair. Sounds gross, but it works. Wouldn't recommend trying to pull someone elses though! Another trick that sometimes works is 'tickling the eyebrow hairs'. Okay, I'll quit. Too much time on my hands...


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