Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It's nice to know so many people in Africa would like to give me their millions of unused cash. Yet again, I've received a lovely offer from a bank executive to unload millions in unclaimed cash. This time it's Dr. Mark Chuks, who represents a bank in the African country of Guinea Conakry. Well, suffice to say, this is another one of those email frauds, where they get your personal information and rob you blind, without every depositing the $126,000,000 into your bank account. I find it hard believe that anyone actually believes these scams, especially the fact that some guy I've never heard of has selected little ole me out of the billions of people in the world to receive this generous offer. For your curiosity, here is the latest letter:


I wish to inform you that this letter is not a hoax mail and I urge you to treat it serious. We want to transfer to overseas account($126,000.000.00 USD) one hundred and twenty six million United States Dollars) from a prime Bank here in Guinea Conakry. I want to ask you, If you are not capable to quietly look for a reliable and honest person who will be capable and fit to provide either an existing bank account or to set up a new Bank a/c immediately to receive this money, even an empty a/c can serve to receive this money, as long as you will remain honest to me till the end for this important business trusting in you and believing in God that you will never let me down either now or in the future.

I am Dr.Mark Chuks, presently promoted to Auditor General in one of the banks here in Conakry Guinea. During the course of our auditing, I discovered a floating fund in an account opened in the bank in 2000 and since 2004 nobody has operated on this account again, after going through some old files in the records I discovered that the owner of the account died without a [Heir/WILL] hence the money is floating and if I do not remit this money out urgently it will be forfeited for nothing.

The owner of this account is an American and a great industrialist and a resident of Alaska State, who unfortunately lost his life in the plane, crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 which crashed on January 31 2003, including his wife and only daughter leaving nobody to claim the money . No other person knows about this account or any thing concerning it, the account has no other beneficiary and my investigation proved to me as well that the account is a secret account. The total amount involved is one hundred and twenty six million United States Dollars only[$126,000.000.00] and we wish to transfer this money into a safe foreigners account abroad. But I don't know any foreigner; I am only contacting you as a foreigner because this money cannot be approved to a local person here, but to a foreigner who has information about the account, which I shall give to you upon your positive response.

I am revealing this to you with believe in God that you will never let me down in this business, you are the first and the only person that I am contacting for this business, so please reply urgently so that I will inform you the next step to take urgently. I need your strong assurance that you will never let us down, me and a key bank official who is deeply involved with me in this business.

I guarantee you that this transaction will be executed under legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law The bank official will destroy all documents of the transaction immediately you receive this money leaving no trace to any place. I will use my position and influence to obtain all legal approvals for onward transfer of this money to your account with appropriate clearance from the relevant ministries and foreign exchange departments.

At the conclusion of this business, you will be given 35% of the total amount,60% will be for me while the remaining 5% will be for the expenses.

I look forward to hear from you.


Dr. Mark Chuks

These scams are often refered to as 419 scams, after a relevent section of legal code in Nigeria. To find out more you can go here: 419 Scam.

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  1. George, I get about 2 of these a day. I agree with you... How could anybody fall for this crap?

    Dismayed with the state of broadcasting I now work as a technician doing cable TV maintenence and install, from the pole to the house and everything in between. This of course in this digital age includes Cable internet installation, Cable telephone installation and Standard and Hi-def boxes.

    You would be amazed how many computers I find which are so completely infested with viruses and spyware that you can't even type in three letters in the URL bar before one ad starts popping up after the other. Ironically these ads are telling you that 'your computer is infected with a dangerous virus. To fix the problem click here...'

    They try to make them look like legitimate Windows messages, when in fact it is a form of extortion, as they want you to pay $29.95 to download an antivirus program, which doesn't even correct the problem.

    There are too many stupid people in this world.



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