Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This might very well be a first. Guy is busted for punching his 15-year-old nephew, lands in jail in Brooklyn's 76th precinct and then offs himself.

26-year-old David Sotomayer was put in one of the precincts holding cells on Union street. After saying he felt ill, a call came in that a police officer needed help. The medics diverted to the cop and much of the precinct was emptied, leaving the young guy all by his lonesome.

For some reason, he decided to commit suicide by hanging himself with a shirt. Sad, yes. But, a little wacky, too. It's not like he was being locked up for exposing himself in public, raping a little girl or secretly running a gay prostituition business. He punched his kid nephew in the face. Distraught, he kills himself. Go figure.

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  1. Well this is a comment to the fagets who left him alone in the cell this would have never happen if someone was there supervising him if he was ill he has a daughter and now she had no father and it wasn't his nephew it was his lil cousin and they were fighting they let it happen.... Fuckin assholes!!!


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