Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well, he's not my dog...and he's certainly not new. I borrowed him from my good friend, Jean, who's now off on a two-week Italian Cruise. Yes, I'm pet sitting.
This is a good thing, considering I've been dog-less since the loss of Noodles a few months ago. I miss my little Dachshund, but, Max is a great fill-in dog. He's half Lab and half Chow, a medium size dog a little bigger than a Beagle with black hair.

I've had him for all of 5 hours and he's a chore. Not that he's not well behaved. He's fine. He sits and lays down and loves children, fellow dogs and even evil looking people. He's a well balanced doggie, but he misses his Mommy and Mom's two kids who are also off on the cruise in Rome. Every once in a while he'll cry or bark, he'll curiously look around to see if anything looks familiar. It doesn't. I live about 20 blocks from Jean's place, so the surroundings are unfamiliar.

Unlike Noodles, Max eats two cups of food a day. Noodles would eat about a half a cup. He poops and pees more, too. And, because he's a bigger dog, a little smaller than a German Sheppard, he can jump up on to anything. My bed, the sofa, he can even put his paws up on the window sill and look outside.

I know this will be some chore over the next two weeks, but having lost two dogs in the course of two years, having a dog to hang out with is very cool. I'm not sure how this little experiment will go, but I'm looking forward to it, nonetheless.

Right now, Max is pacing back and forth in the apartment and periodically jumping up on the window sill to look outside. I'm sure he's hoping Mommy comes home soon. It'll be two weeks....and this will be the true test of his resilience. Max knows me. But, now he'll get to know me really well. He'll sleep by my side, eat what ever I give him and God forbid, hopefully he won't pee or poop in my house. I'll keep you posted.

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