Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Eyewitnesses are reporting to The Gowanus Lounge blog that some cops in the 76th precinct have rammed into several parked cars not far from their police station in Carroll Gardens.

You can read the whole story from the Gowanus Lounge here:

At some point today, we can picture some commanding officers at the 76th Precinct in Carroll Gardens turning red and cursing. Very red and a lot. This is because a GL tipster sent us some very interesting information that does not bode well for community-police relations. How to put this? Officers from the 76th have hit a few parked cars in the neighborhood, and for some very interesting reasons. We’ll let our tipster explain:

It seems that the 76th pct has a problem with their officers and their driving skills or lack of. Three residents of Sackett Street between Hicks & Henry have had their cars damaged by patrol cars driving down the block in the early morning hours. Could it be that the officers are falling asleep behind the wheel. In the first accident which happened in Dec, two of the officers in a patrol car fell asleep behind the wheel causing the accident. Three parked cars were damage at that time. The second accident happened on Monday night when yet another patrol car smashed right into a parked car. According to sources, the 76th reported that the officer was looking for a flash light he dropped on the floor. What was he doing looking for a flashlight when his eyes should of been on the road. There seem to be a problem here and we need to address it. Bring it to the public’s attention is the first step>

Well, the first step has now been taken. God, we’ll bet the F Bomb is going to be dropped at a lot at the 76th in coming days. Accidents happen, no?

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