Friday, February 20, 2009


Boy, things have really gotten bad for New York City employers. Not only are they cutting jobs and hours of their employees, they're "hiring" people for no pay!
Several of my friends noticed this trend, while searching for jobs on "Craigslist" and in the "Village Voice." I've noticed it as well in broadcasting trade publications.

Interns have existed for years. At ABC NEWS Radio, our interns are actually paid, a rarity in this economic climate. At WABC Radio, where I worked for ten years, they too, have a few programs that allow for paid interns. But, these are indeed the brightest and most talented of the intern pool.

Unfortunately, many companies are now taking advantage of interns, essentially having them do what a paid staffer would do. Recently, I spotted an ad for an internship at a radio station.


Job responsibilities include general office duties, gathering and editing audio tape, covering news conferences and breaking news on occasion and the ability to perform on the air in a new reporting role.

I don't know about you, but that sounds like MY job. Now, they're having interns to edit tape, gather news and actually go on the air and report it. In other words, they're "hiring" a reporter, but paying them nothing!

I found a few more:


RocknRollYellowPages.com is looking for beautiful females models between the ages of 21 to 32 to put on our web site - www.RocknRollYellowPages.com - there is no pay involved - we would like to post photos of selected female models in either a bikini or lingerie - if you are interested and you are female and beautiful and between the ages of 21 and 32, send an e-mail with a good quality photo of yourself wearing either a bikini or lingerie.

So, they're "hiring" models, but not paying them. Sounds a little sketchy to me. Sounds like some sick prick who's looking to get semi-nude photos of young women.

Next is a job that often requires much training and expertise, but no matter to this company, which is looking for a non-paid make up artist.


Our team is looking for makeup artists who want to build their individual service awareness through a mutually beneficial relationship with Thevi Cosmetics (www.thevicosmetics.com) . We are looking for individuals with experience working with ethnic skin tones to support Thevi Cosmetics while increasing their own online presence and gaining referrals from the web and through our company.
Compensation: No Pay - referrals and online media exposure

Did they say "a mutually beneficial relationship?" That means you get experience and some limited exposure and they get a free make up artist. Nice! It seems like the film, broadcasting and print industries are the biggest abusers of "hiring" experienced people for no pay. This next one is a classic.


Production Designer looking for an Art Director to start immediately on an independent feature film. It is a vampire/ art film that has a great crew and cast. Unfortunately, the previous Art Director was let go and has to be replaced asap. So, PLEASE only respond if you are serious, aware of the commitment and have more than 1 year of experience. This is a low budget film, so there is no pay.

"The previous Art Director was let go." What? So, now they're "firing" people who aren't employed? But, don't worry, they're "hiring" people and not paying them either. Great work, if you can get it. NOT!

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