Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hollywood loves Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. If it's not a commercial or a T.V series, a movie is usually being filmed here a couple of times a year. This week was no exception. The crew from Blue Star Pictures was back for a second round of filming for their film, "I Hate Valentines Day." It's described as a romantic-comedy with generally unknown stars like Director/Actress Nia Vardalos and actors John Corbett, Dan Finnerty and Cheryl Consenza. A check of movie web sites tells us they've all appeared in a half dozen to a dozen or so movies that you've probably never heard of.

One of the premiere movie sites describes the film this way: "A florist tries to convince a restaurant owner to date her without the fear of it becoming a full-fledged relationship." The same site says filming was supposed to have begun in 2007. In comparison to other movies filmed in the neighborhood, this would be considered a medium size crew.

Most of the filming took place in front of a flower shop on Court street. Gawkers watched from across the street in front of Sal's Pizza. Actors, Actresses and the crew casually hung around the set. Three tents were set up to keep the stars out of the burning 90-degree plus sunlight. A giant ice storage container was plopped on the set to keep everyone cool.

Unlike other movies filmed here, the crew seemed pretty low key, perhaps because the egos didn't exist, because the film lacked big name stars that carry that kind of load. There were no traffic jams, no yelling at pedestrians to stop or walk in the other direction and no obnoxious production assistants.

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