Sunday, July 27, 2008


If you've ever watched MTV's "Real World." then you know the cameras follow the 20-somethings where ever they go, including the bars and clubs. But, this next season, the young T.V stars are stuck in Red Hook, living large in a big a loft on the waterfront. Unfortunately, only a handful of bars exist in the desolate Brooklyn outpost.

What I've been hearing is that MTV has been contacting a number of bars and clubs along Smith Street to see if they would permit filming. "Angry Wades" is reportedly one of the spots they have contacted. I've also heard they made contact with "Social," the hip cocktail speakeasy across from Carroll Park and the brand new "Clover Club," just a block away from Wades on Smith street. They may have contacted more.


What is uncertain is how this filming will be done. In past episodes, it appears as if the cameras just follow the kids from bar to bar, meaning they walk into already occupied establishments, rather than clearing out the bar and making it exclusive to them. These days, the cameras used to film "Real World" are pretty small and they don't need a huge crew to follow them around, so they could get away with just walking into a busy bar and filming the conversations and exploits of the cast.

It's my understanding that pretty much anyone involved in the show, and I would assume that includes bar owners, would have to sign a confidentiality contract. This insures that any behind the scenes secrets, including the location of the filming , would be kept secret until after the filming is done and the episodes begin airing.


  1. also heard they have contacted o'keefe's up on court st, which probably means they have hit every place in between...

  2. When Real World was filming in Denver, one of the newspapers created the website http://www.getrealdenver.com/ as a place where people could report on the crew's location, upload pictures, etc. It was quite the hoopla and a thorn in MTV's side - huuuummmmm.....certainly doesn't have the ring of a George Weber project - at least the George Weber *I* know. ;-)

  3. SO RIDICULOUS! hope people give em the proper welcome...... a big FU

  4. they hit Public Assembly in Willaimsburg the other night, and last night (Sunday) they went to Open Mic at matchless, one of the cast joined in....


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