Thursday, October 2, 2008


That's how many items are currently in my JUNK email box! I hadn't checked the box in, ready, are you sure, THREE days. In three fricking days, there are 3,634 little ditties in my JUNK email box. Okay, I suppose I shouldn't complain, because they are indeed in the JUNK email box and not my INBOX, where I'd have to sort through the good from the bad.

We've all received JUNK mail, but I'm not sure you've ever received the wide variety of crap that's in my JUNK box. So, I thought I'd let you take a look at a sampling of the 3,634 items in there.

The first example is a very popular piece of JUNK. It comes in this strange code that you can't understand. I have hundreds of these.


Sure, I get plenty of penis enlargement and mail-order drug offers, but what gets me is the poor quality of the sender's grammar and spelling.

You staaýed a|one because of your penis size. |)ont worry! Attêmpt our peñis énlargement. We absolutèly sure, that Girls will be crazy abôut you. Do not miss this amazing possìbility to improve yõur sexual life.

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Women like big ones, Don't settle for less.

And many of the JUNK emailers assume, I'm a gambler.

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Then, there are all of those offers to get me out of debt.

Debt-Free in 12-48 Months!Reduce Debt by 50% or More & Save.

Do Not consolidate your debt Eliminate it! Legally ELIMINATE your creditT card and other unsecured debt * WITHOUT ever making another payment to your creditors * WITHOUT it affecting your credit long-term * WITHOUT confrontation

The ones that really get me, are those that are sent to me in a foreign language. Do they actually expect me to go to a translation site to find out what they're saying.

Haben Sie das Gefühl, dass die Potenz während des Sex nachlässt? Es läuft im Bett nicht mehr wie früher?
"Kommen" Sie zu früh? Oder hätten Sie einfach gerne längeren und intensiveren Sex?

Das Leben ist zu kurz - genießen Sie das in vollen Zügen.
Mit Geld kann man nicht alles kaufen! Die Potenz und über 30 Minuten Standhaftigkeit schon!

Okay, so I may be dateless and desperate, but enough already with the ads trying to hook me up with "lovely ladies."

Good news for all the single guys who are interested in meeting a Russian woman. Please visit http://s-best-77rus.biz and find links to the selected, 100% checked profiles of sincere Russian women. Sorry for bothering if this is not for you Good luck!

Dear customer! This is to report you, that 5 new messages from ladies have been delivered to your mail box. Check them this way, please:

These and thousands of other JUNK emails arrived in my Yahoo account, but Yahoo has a pretty good spam busting program that usually sorts the good from the bad. Rarely does JUNK arrive in my INBOX. Recently, I've been looking for a program that instantly sends the JUNK back to the sender. Imagine if we all had that software. These spammers would be inundated with their own JUNK. If you find something like this, let me know.

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