Monday, October 13, 2008


While doing a little research on the effects of the economy on people's lives, I decided to do a google search of the word "suicide." I was curious as to how many people are thinking about taking their lives, because of the downturn in the economy. To my surprise, aside from the suicide prevention websites, quite a few personal ads came up. They weren't looking for love, though. They were looking to die, some even asking the best way to off themselves.

I can't say for sure that these personal ads indicate a sudden increase in suicidal thoughts or not, because I don't have ads from a year ago to compare. But, what is clear is that several people do mention how the stock market crash made them think this way. They appear to range in age from 20-somethings to a senior citizens. Some contemplate how to best kill themselves. Other ask for help, before they put the gun to their heads.

Below, I've picked a few examples of the personals I found. Most of them were posted to the popular website, Craigslist, which offers up personal ads, classified ads and sections to rant about various issues.

I WANT TO DIE (Manhattan)

Date: 2008-10-12, 2:06PM EDT

Hi. I am white and I am miserable with my life. I am gay and a democrat. My family hates me and all of my gay democrat friends are self-centered assholes. I hate republicans so I cant use them as friends.

I want to die. Last week I heard that the Indians had a saying that said 'Every day is a good day to die'. I like that saying and I have picked today to die.

Here's where you come in. I want you to come choke me to death. I want you to choke me till my face turns purple, my eyes bulge out and the blood vessels in my eyeballs explode. Choke me till I piss and shit on myself. Choke me harder till I die. Send me to hell. I'm tired of this life and the assholes in this world.

Contact me and we can meet where ever you will feel comfortable doing it at. I don't care what you do with my body afterwards. The best thing would be to burn it so there will be no way to trace any fibers or anything to incriminate you. If you want to rape me while choking me that's cool too. You can let your friends rape me after im dead. I wont mind. You can skin me, cut me into little pieces or eat me for all I care.

I don't want to get shot, stabbed, beaten to death or drowned. I want to be choked to death or to jump to my death.

I really want to do this today. I don't want to wake up to another tomorrow.


Date: 2008-10-11, 7:34AM EDT

hey, does anyone know how to successfully commit suicide? i want to use a gun, but I'm afraid i might survive. so, if you know the proper way of shooting oneself in the head and dying instantly let me know. thanks

Where can I purchase a revolver? (Hollywood)

Date: 2008-10-10, 5:42AM PDT

I'm a senior and I've lost most of my money in the stock market.I would like to purchase a revolver for when the time comes that I get too despondent to live any more.I cannot look at my account anymore as I get too depressed.Killing myself with a gun ends my life in a split second.Hopefully I won't suffer.I could not bear being homeless so I think ending my life would be best under these circumstances.The only thing that stops me from taking this action now is that my step mom who is 101 years will leave me a one fifth inheritance of her estate which might be about 140 thousand.And the other thing that also stops me from taking my life now is Social Security pays me $1228 per month.It's not a lot but at least it's something.I just want to buy a gun to keep in my apartment for when the day comes as I'm sure that it will that I will no longer have any interest in living any longer. About 9 years ago I purchased a niche for myself at Valley Oaks cemetery in Thousand Oaks but lately I've been thinking of just having the Hemlock Society take care of the disposal of my body. Well that's all I have to say.If someone has a revolver for sale please reply to this post.Thank you.

Venting - m4w - 21 (at school)

Date: 2008-10-08, 8:53PM EDT

I am perceived to be an arrogant and smart party boy from a good family. I am supposed to be the smart one with the high IQ but that doesn't help me. Have you ever calculated how many Milligrams of Ibuprofen could kill you and realized you don't have enough? or stopped seeing your psychologist because you realized that the next time you refill your Prozac prescription you'd have enough to kill yourself? all this tells me is that I have a fantasy of killing myself but don't have the balls to do so. How about the fact that I am almost guaranteed at the very least $1 million in probably 30 years but am $3,000 in debt now and too proud to ask for help; or the fact that I work for $10 an hour in a job that most people earn over $200k a year? Basically I'm on the verge of making the biggest mistake of my life.......AGAIN! How can this happen to me again? I was able to hide the first time from my parents and now I need help. I need help I crave the touch of a woman but am too depressed to go out. I drink alone to dull the pain because everything is a pipe dream right now I have no way out.

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