Tuesday, October 7, 2008

FOR SALE: 1966 vintage ROCKOLA jukebox

Get your hands on this 1966 vintage jukebox. I'm selling it because, I need some extra space in my place. I've had this machine for over a decade. I bought it from a jukebox dealer. This is perfect for someone who restores jukes or just wants a cool conversation piece. The interior and exterior of the GP160 is very clean, with very few scratches. You'll need to do some work on this jukebox. All of the lights on the machine work, but the mechanism is slow and the amplifier is having some issues.

The Rockola GP160 plays 160 45's. There are probably a hundred or so of them already in the machine. They just need a little dusting.

Only 3,625 of these were made in 1966 under the model line 432. I've removed the plastic inserts (which list the song titles) so that I could view the mechanism in all of its glory. I still have those slots and will include them with the jukebox.

I'm also throwing in the original manual and parts guide.

NO SHIPPING. This must be picked up in Brooklyn, New York and you must have a way to transport the jukebox from my home.

You can reach me at george@georgeweber.net

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