Thursday, May 1, 2008


I'm happy to report, the Cheyenne Diner is not lost forever. As a matter of fact, it will soon land in Brooklyn's gritty Red Hook neighborhood. Michael O'Connell, the son of Brooklyn developer Greg O'Connell, has purchased the old time silver diner for just $5,000. Some guy in Wyoming actually wanted to buy it and put the Cheyenne in the city of the same name. But, the owners of the diner wanted it to stay local and it will. O'Connell has agreed to pick up the exorbitant cost of moving the structure to its new home in Red Hook. That's why he got it for just five grand.

What we don't know is whether he'll immediately plop the diner on a parcel of land and re-opened it as a restaurant. Maybe they could do with it what they did with the Continental diner in Philadelphia, turn it into one of those trendy cocktail lounges that also serves food.

Or maybe, it'll go on the waterfront right near Sonny's which for decades served up breakfast and coffee to thousands of dockworkers in the 20's and 30's when Brooklyn's waterfront was thriving. Either way, I'm glad it survived.

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