Thursday, May 1, 2008


One might be able to argue that "Grand Theft Auto IV" should not be viewed by kids, that the Ouija board could be harmful to one's religious well being. But, Barbie dolls? That's right, despite an Iranian effort to confiscate all toys Western, Barbie dolls have flooded Iran's black market. Kids all over Iran have been seen gleefully playing with cute little blond bombshell, dressing her up, and pushing her around in her big bright yellow Barbie bus.

Now, a top Iranian judiciary official is warning against the "destructive" culture and social consequences of importing Barbie dolls. In 2002, Iran began a crackdown, seizing the toys out of the clutches of unsuspecting little girls. Then, as an alternative, the Iranian government introduced their own dolls, Dara and Sara who promoted traditional values.

What, we wouldn't want Barbie climbing into her bus all hopped up on crack cocaine and drunk on Whiskey. Oh, and those skimpy little dresses she wears. Horrifying!

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  1. On the other hand, do you think there'd be less of a hue and cry raised here in America if little girls suddenly started expressing a preference for a line of dolls that wore hijabs and burqas? Goons squads might - might - not be roaming the streets looking to snatch them from tiny hands. But you can bet church leaders (from "approved" denominations) and politicos would band together in Righteous Fury to have that threat to our social fabric eradicated as quickly as possible.

    Our cultural norms and mores here in the West may sometimes be at varience with Eastern traditions. But there is little difference in how we attempt to protect them.


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