Monday, May 5, 2008


John Gambling is back. His first show on 710 WOR debuted today. This, after a few months off the air since the Black Friday layoffs at WABC and dozens of other Citadel owned radio stations.

John sounds great. He's pumping new energy into WOR and the new branding of NEWS/TALK radio is what WOR needs in order to compete against market leader WABC. WOR needs to stay local and relevant and that's what John Gambling is doing in mornings and Steve Malsberg is doing in afternoons. They're topical, local and passionate.

I had to chuckle a few times when John gave out the old WABC listener call-in line and every once in a while said NewsTalk radio, 77 WABC. Hey, it's happened to me in the past. Try switching from a "K" station, like KGO in San Francisco and then going to a "W" station on the East coast. On one of my half hour updates on the ABC Radio Networks, I almost said, I'm George Weber, WABC news...rather than ABC news!

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