Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I've just about had it with irresponsible dog owners. What's so hard about bringing a little plastic bag when you take Fido for a walk. All over the neighborhood, I'm finding poops and unfortunately many of the globs are smooshed. Someone has smelly feet today.

Because of these irresponsible dog owners, more and more "Curb Your Dog" signs have gone up. Some people think if they let their dogs poop in planters and around sidewalk trees that's OK. It isn't.

What I really don't understand is why anyone who actually lives here in Carroll Gardens would actually allow their dog to mess up the neighborhood. A block or so away lives one of these culprits. I've seen them walk their giant mutt and let it poop all over the sidewalks, even in front of their own home, if you can believe that. One day I followed the said suspect. Their brownstone is split into a bunch of tiny apartments on four floors and the outside of the turn of the century building looks like a dump. The paint is peeling and garbage is piled sky high. It's no wonder their such slobs when they walk their dogs.

One day I decided to collect some of their errant poop. I plopped the poop into a brown paper bag and delivered it to their doorstep with a note attached. " If you fail to clean up after your dog, I will continue to deposit its poop on your doorstep. Thank you in advance for your future courteous behavior.

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