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I can't believe anyone actually falls for these scams, but they must, because several times a month I get various versions of the same swindle. This particular African email scam comes to us direct from Cote D'IVoire (Ivory Coast). I usually just delete these ridiculous letters, but this time, I thought I'd share one with you.

Although the letter doesn't get into specifics, it basically works this way. You email the scamster. He emails you back and asks for your banking, social security number and other personal information. He also asks that you make a "small" deposit of several thousand dollars by certified check to cover the processing fees. Then, he'll ship you off a check for $15,000,000! Wow, $3,000 for 15 mill! Some deal, Huh? If you're a sucker you not only gave the con artist your hard earned cash, but you also gave him enough information to steal your identity and take ALL of your money.

So, why do most of these scams originate from Ivory Coast, Ghana, Liberia and Nigeria. They are four of the poorest places on Earth. They're also some of the most corrupt countries in Africa.

They look at the United States as the World's wealthiest and most prosperous nation and in their poverty stricken eyes, we're all loaded.

Here's the most recent email letter going around:

From :Alex King,
Western Golden Bank
Abidjan,Cote D'I Voire .

Dear sir,

My name is Alex King.I work with the Western Golden Bank of Abidjan, Cote D'IVoire as an accountant Foreign operation department. In the discharge of my duty, I stumbled on this domiciliary account that has remained dormant for three years now with fifteen million dollars($15m)in it. I contacted my director and we sent out staff for enquiries and discovered that the account holder died in Auto-crash with the next of kin.

I am writing you so that we can work with you to remit the money into your account as the next of kin. it is simple process which will take a short while to process. outside this, the bank management will confiscate the money. If I hear from you, I will tell you all you need to Know about the money.Thanks and God bless you.

Mr.Alex King

I replied to his email asking for more information. Within a few hours, I got this response:

My dear friend,

Compliment of the season and happy moment of the day.I do hope my email was well received.I want you to understand that this is a mutual sucessfull business
I invited you into.It is a confidential treatment between you and I. be rest assured you will benefit from it as soon as the transaction is complete because i will intend to come over to meet you face to face for the disbursement of the fund.I want you to furnish me with your Full name,contact details and telephone number as i will like to speak with you on phone today regarding the transfer and to ensure that you will be capable of handling this transaction.

You can call me on 0022507635812. when you call, instruct that you want to speak with Mr.Alex king. I will be giving you other procedure as soon we finish
talking on telephone.All i need from you is your adherance with arddent support to enable us see this sucess.

Mr.Alex King

These scam letters are all over the internet. Here's a site that collects many of them. They're all about the same. You can copy and paste the below link and take a look for yourself.


Oh, and if you were interested in Abidjan. Here's the Wikipedia entry:

Abidjan is the largest city and former capital of Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast). It is the commercial and banking center of Côte d'Ivoire as well as the de facto capital (Yamoussoukro is the official capital.) It is also the most populated city in French-speaking Western Africa. It stands in Ébrié Lagoon on several converging peninsulas and islands, connected by bridges.

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  1. Hi my name is Aldi Nataniel fr Indonesia I have sent the same email by some african Mrs Solomon who want to send me US $ 2.5 million due to her cancer .And then she connect me to the Bank Director in Ivory Coast, but he is not yet ask me to deposit money.Pls advise should i continue the chat since i will left only US $ 5 to the account and see how is the end ...pls email me at aldi_nataniel@yahoo.com thank you in advance for yr reply GBU


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