Sunday, September 28, 2008


Imagine the grief on the face of the owner of the black cat that was squished and killed by a van on a Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn street corner. The good Samaritan decided to announce to the world what happened to the feline drifter. When pets go missing, owners often wonder about their fate. Are they in the pound? Did someone catnap the animal? Was it hit by a car? You think the worse.

Man, I'd hate to be walking down the street and find a notice of my pets death posted on a telephone pole. I'm sure whoever posted the bill thought it was the right thing to do. What might have been better, had they been so caring and concerned was to scoop the dead cat off the street and take it to New York City's Animal Care and Control, rather than leaving it to rot in the street. They keep track of the animals they pick up, dead or alive. It's the first place you should call when your pet wanders away and it's likely the owner of the missing cat would have checked in to inquire about the cats whereabouts.

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