Wednesday, September 17, 2008


( Pictured at left: Young Black Males who best we can tell were not the muggers or for that matter have never mugged anyone. Read the story and you'll understand.)

I've lived in New York City now for 11-years and I can happily say, I've never been mugged. I've known a few people who have been robbed and I'm aware of a few muggings even in my nice neighborhood of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Below is the story of a guy who nearly took on one of two thugs who beat up and robbed a neighbor on his street in Prospect Heights. It comes from the Brooklynian blog. I'll let him tell the story.

"So I just witnessed a mugging and I am all shook up and have to vent. Actually, I'm pissed off. First, I'm pissed because I didn't do more. Second, I'm pissed because this happened right in front of where I live. And finally, I'm pissed because it is so fucking stereoTYPICAL that it feeds the worst thoughts in all of us.

I leave my front door (I dont want to be too specific, but I'm very close to Flatbush) and start walking my dog down the block. I notice 2 YBMs running down the opposite side of the street. My first impression was "what the fuck are they up to?" then I think "whatever, just goofing off". About 5 seconds later, I hear a yell from behind me. I turn, and there are the 2 guys standing over someone who's laying on the sidewalk.

So, I start walking toward them and yell something like "What are you doing?". One of them runs off and the other, older guy (mid 20s?), Starts sauntering towards me yelling "Ya want some too?" When he gets closer I notice he doesn't have a weapon. He shrugs and crosses the street. I think they got in a car and sped off, but I'm not sure because I went to go check on the guy laying in the pool of blood.

When I get to the victim, he's bleeding from his nose and his lip. He's an average sized white male in his early 30s. He's dazed and bloody, but seems ok, considering. They took his wallet with 42 bucks in it. He still had his cell phone on him. He calls a friend, I call 911. My wife comes out with papertowels, ice and a cup of water. The cops come en mass.. like 4 cars and 10 guys plus an abmulance and ask questions. Of course, what can we say? 2 YBMs, one in a red hoodie jumped him and got away. So fucking typical it's sad.

I wish I had gotten a look to see where they went, license number etc.
I wish I had the courage to stomp the macho one that came up to me.
I wish my dog was a pitbull, not a mini schnauzer
I wish the 3-4 people standing on the sidewalk on the other side of the victim had stepped in too.. maybe we could have held the guys.
I wish the cops came sooner so they had a chance of catching someone
I wish the perps weren't black and the victim wasn't white
I wish this had never happened

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