Friday, September 19, 2008


The blogs are abuzz with reported sightings (including pictures) of cast members from MTV's Real World, which is filming it's 17th season in Brooklyn. Thing is, most of those spottings weren't in Brooklyn, but in Manhattan. The season should be renamed, "Real World: Manhattan."

According to the blogs, the cast has been spotted at Manhattan's trendy eatery Cafeteria, the touristy Hawaiian Tropic Zone,

the nightclub Rebel and the East Village dive, Angels & Kings. Nary a spotting of them in Brooklyn, unless you count their walk in Prospect Park or their visit to a Crunch Gym in Fort Greene. The thing is, bar and restaurant owners in Brooklyn don't want any part of the "Real World." In order to allow a crew of eight to film in the bars, the owners have to sign a waiver. This allows filming and forces them into silence and secrecy. They've gotten very few bites.

They don't even spend much time in Red Hook, except walking in and out of their Pier 41 loft to hop a van or car to visit a Manhattan location. At the local hangout, Bait & Tackle, owner Eddie Stone told AM NEW YORK "This is going to be the realest Real World ever because the regulars at bars like mine are going to treat the cast like crap.” Sunny's is perhaps the most popular of Red Hooks bars. It's been there since the 1800's and sits not far from the cast's loft on the Brooklyn waterfront.
But, Sunny has gone as far to tell the MTV cast and crew they are not allowed in his bar.

One blog captured the group's debauchery at a Fashion week event at the club Rebel. There, cast member Chet Bannon can be seen kanoodling with America's Next Top Model" winner Whitney Thompson. You see, Bannon is reportedly a Mormon and producers have alledgedly encouraged his cast members to get the Mormon kid laid. Not sure if that's happened yet, but they have 13 episodes to work on it.

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