Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I've been walking by this corner in Cobble Hill forever, but never really noticed the beater of a Volvo that's stuck in a three-foot deep sinkhole.It's on Butler street near the corner of Smith, next to Chance restaurant. It looks like a stolen car, actually. It has ancient California plates and the interior of the vehicle is in complete disarray.

Several of us gathered around the car, trying to figure out what came first, the sinkhole or the car? My friend Stefan stuck his arm in the hole to gauge just how deep it was. He figures at least three feet.

In case you're wondering, I did call 311 and reported the "abandoned" vehicle. I also noted the sinkhole, in the event the Department of Transportation wants to patch it up. The operator wasn't so convinced that was going to happen.

Of course, this sinkhole is nothing compared to the one that ate a city block in Guatemala. You can actually repel deep inside the crater and probably reach China, if you descend far enough!

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