Sunday, March 15, 2009


Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Anheuser Busch has released a limited-edition run on these cute bottles of Bud-Light. I asked the friendly bartender at the Blarney Rock to snatch one from the carton before Tuesday's unveiling at the big St. Patrick's Day party.

It's a cool green bottle, it's not a bottle. It's made out of a very thick aluminum, so it has the feel of a glass bottle. In fact, unlike beer cans you can't crush it with your hands. It was quite the amazing sight on Saturday, as the big delivery trucks pulled up along 33rd Street in Manhattan to deliver thousands of cases of the green Bud-Light to about a half dozen bars along the strip.

All of the bars along here are expecting huge crowds, since it's the main traverse between Penn Station and the St. Patrick's Day Parade route a few blocks away on 5th Avenue.

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