Saturday, March 14, 2009


* I've been listening a lot to Scott and Todd on WPLJ these days. I always liked them, but, after a long listen, you know something, they are two of the most talented broadcasters on the air. They're worth every penny.

* To answer my friend Frank's question: No, I have not seen Slumdog Millionaire yet!Instead, I spent $5.00 on a bootleg DVD of "The Wrestler." No, I haven't watched that yet, either!

* I found out someone close to me is gay and guess what, I never knew.

* I just had some new business cards made. 200 cards for under $15.00. Glossy, two colors. 123print.com

* So I just want to buy a box of tic-tacs and I have to wait behind a line of idiot lottery players who have scribbled down dozens and dozens of number combinations on tiny, little pieces of paper---reciting each combination to the clerk. Fun Fact: 80-percent of lotto winners use Quik Pic!

Note to self: Buy new batteries for the flashlight.

* And now you know the Rest Of The Story. Paul Harvey died over the weekend. My local radio station carried him when I was a kid. When I grew up and worked at the nation's biggest radio station, they carried him too. When I drove from Philadelphia to Saint Louis, I heard him. Same on that trip from Denver to Los Angeles. I even heard him in the desolate Colorado Rockies. I remember his stories, his dramatic pauses, his exaggeration of words and the whimsical tone of his voice. How many people can you say that about? You can't. There was only ONE Paul Harvey and he will be missed.

* Cold Play's "Viva La Vida" is playing on the radio. It never gets old.

* If I could watch just three shows a week, they would be "24," "American Idol" and CBS's "Sunday Morning."

* If I was stuck on a deserted island, I could survive with just one thing: A cellphone. Well maybe, two. A computer so I could tell you about that island.

* The closest thing I've ever been to a deserted island was actually a peninsula in the Dominican Republic. It's the Samana Peninsula.

Just a dozen or so tiny villages. I stayed in Las Galeras at a place called Villa Serena. It was heaven.

* Like my Dad, I use a shoehorn.

* Is it possible that for just one year, Congress can just STOP spending. Despite Republican John McCain's plea, hundreds of earmarks for pet projects in their hometowns have been stuffed into the new budget. They criticize the President for spending too much and then go and do it themselves. Hypocrites!

Guess what's under that construction barrel? That's right, a fire hydrant.

But, motorists didn't have a clue. Car after car has been ticketed by traffic agents at this corner on Manhattan's Upper East Side. One guy found 7 tickets on his windshield, each for $115. When he looked at the ticket, he asked, "What fire hydrant."

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