Sunday, March 8, 2009


Some guy is walking down the street in Carroll Gardens and drops an envelope containing, as the poster indicates, "lots of consecutive $100 bills." He says it's to pay for his wedding, which means "lots" of bills is probably more like thousands of dollars in $100 bills. But, it does raise the question" Who goes walking around with a wad of $100 bills, "consecutive," no less? GEORGE WEBER THE NEWSGUY wanted to know, so I got one of my more gutsier friends to dial the number on the flier, one of many posted around Carroll Gardens.

Turns out he's a young guy whose grandmother gave him an envelope stuffed with cash to pay for his upcoming wedding. But, we wondered about the "consecutive" bills. Sounds kind of fishy. He told our intrepid reporter that he was "guessing" they were "consecutive" because they all looked brand new.

How about that reward? What person in their right mind would hand over an envelope full of thousands of dollars in $100 bills only to get one lousy Benjamin Franklin in return. I'll tell ya who, nobody! Here's why. Rewards are offered to get people to return stuff they really don't need or want. Perhaps they picked up a wallet. They snatch the money and for a reward, return the wallet and the rest of its contents. An old watch, some important documents, a missing dog or cat. These are things you can put a price on, but how do you price cash. Give me $20,000 and I'll give you a hundred. Right!

One other thing. Although we didn't ask, I'm guessing the soon to be newlywed probably hasn't told his grandmother yet that her life savings was dropped on some street in Carroll Gardens. It was kind of like a year ago when I lost my ex-girlfriends dog for a day or so. I was prepared to wait a few days to make sure I couldn't find the dog, before breaking the bad news. So, I'm guessing this guy did the same thing. Listen, if someone found the cash and spotted the signs and returns it to the young couple, I will eat my words. That truly would be an amazing story in these tough economic times. You find a envelop full of cash and give it back. I'd be impressed. By the way, I did find that dog!

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