Friday, June 13, 2008


The other day a bartender at Angry Wades shared some prosciutto bread with me. Two of the owners of Caputo's Bake Shop on Court Street dropped off a couple of loaves for the employees.

At first bite, I was addicted. This warm, tasty bread is stuffed with prosciutto and cheese and a couple of slices is a meal and a half. I prefer to just rip off hunks of the loaf. Word of mouth alone has made this bread one of the shop's most popular items. The day I walked in it was the last loaf, although more was baking in the back.

A few weeks ago, I brought an extra loaf to work at the ABC Radio Networks and the writers, producers, editors and anchors gobbled the stuff up in minutes. One of our editors was so hooked, I brought him his own loaf the next week.

Try it once, but just try it.

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  1. George, Jane and I always thought you were a little nuts, now we understand it's just your sublime cultural adroitness inspiring your next drink. Or is it the other way around?

    Keep it up.


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