Monday, June 9, 2008


Promises. Promises. Just last week, Con Edison promised there would be enough electricity to keep New York City running, even if there was a heat wave. So, now, just 24 hours into a heat wave, Con Edison breaks down.

Okay, this wasn't the blackout of 2003 that sent millions of Americans into darkness, nor what is an extended mess like the outage a few years later in Astoria, Queens. But, Con Edison conned us once again. As the mercury rose into the mid-90's, something failed (they won't say what) and about 300 people in Boerum Hill lost power.

Bustling restaurants, local bars and dozens of apartments went dark. Here's how Con Edison conned us. They were quoted as saying "we have sufficient power" to last through the summer. But, remember that was only half of the problem associated with the power outages of years past. The other problem, a crumbling electrical infrastructure, which, again, a few years back, Con Edison promised
to remedy. They assured us that they were spending millions of dollars (that you're paying for in rate increases) to upgrade the decaying system of switches, lines and transformers.

Hmm. That went well. So, here it is, just a day into a four-day heatwave and Con Edison has already failed us. I'm told there were other failures in Flatbush and Willamsburg. Three places. One day. I also thought New York City councilman Eric Gioia was a whiner.

There he was day in and day after the Queens blackout slamming Con Edison for negligence. Every time the lights flickered, he'd be on their case.
I thought the guy was a little over the top. I thought he was grandstanding. You know what, he knew something we now all know, we were Con'd be Con Edison.

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