Friday, June 20, 2008


Last year, there was quite the brouhaha over the safety of people in Carroll Park in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Several residents complained of unruly teenagers running amok in the one-square block park. They were upset at how they were cursing, menacing and putting fear into parents of young children. Stories began appearing in the local papers and even my former colleague at WABC, the grand poo-bah of the Guardian Angels, Curtis Sliwa, threatened to begin patrolling the park.

Within days, the 76th precinct flooded the park with cops for a day or two, then cut back. But, as the summer went on the police maintained a visible presence there.

Now, I'm happy to report, the police are back. On this particular day an officer sat in one of those little traffic buggy's on the edge of the basketball courts. A day earlier, a patrol officer kept a watchful eye on the kids having fun around the playground. It now appears to be a common sight most afternoons and early evenings in Carroll Park.

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