Saturday, June 28, 2008


Chris and Matt are brothers who are in the lathing business. They create the metal framework for ceilings and the like. Several times a week they park their two company vehicles on the 33rd Street in Midtown Manhattan. They dutifully park them in a zone for commercial trucks. The sign says "commercial trucks," yet time and time again, Chris and Matt find tickets on their windshields. You'll never guess for what. That's right for illegally parking in a "commercial truck zone."

It happened again the other day, but this time, I had to witness it for myself.
Matt is once again explaining to the parking enforcement officer (meter maid) that the vehicle in front of him is indeed a truck.

First, he notes the "commercial" license plate on the vehicle. Ticket guy keeps writing. Then, he asks, "What type of vehicle is this." "It's not a truck," he replies. So, he decides to play a little game with the guy. "Repeat after me, this is a pick up, what?" "Vehicle," the guy responds. Then, he loses it. "It's a fucking pick up TRUCK." "It's a fucking pick up TRUCK with a fucking commercial license."

Chris and Matt aren't usually hot heads, but after more than 60 or so of these tickets for illegally parking in a commercial truck zone, it's difficult to restrain themselves.

"Asshole," Matt yelled, as the guy was walking away. "Prick." Say that to a real cop and you'll end up in the pokey. But, I can understand their frustration.

They did nothing wrong and everything right and yet, they have to show up in court each time with pictures, like the ones here, to explain to the judge that the vehicle parked in that commercial truck zone is indeed, A FUCKING PICK UP TRUCK!

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