Wednesday, June 25, 2008


A few weeks ago three seniors at the High School for Global Studies in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn made headlines after they spiked a cake they brought to school with a laxative. The school punished the seniors by refusing to allow them to attend graduation.

But, it turns out that was going to be their only punishment, even though one teacher became violently ill and had to be taken to the hospital. Teachers tell me the Principal had no intention of calling the police. The teachers union, I'm told, stepped in and called the cops. The stories were running rampant at Angry Wades, when the pub held it's annual Teacher Appreciation Day on the last day of school.

When they showed up, even the cops weren't so convinced charges should be filed. The teacher that was sickened and the union insisted and indeed the 17-year olds were hauled off to the pokey. The students were charged with felony assault on a teacher, a crime that could land them in jail for seven years.

I know, that sounds kind of harsh. But, here's what will happen, they'll show up in court, tell the families they're sorry, agree to community service, pay for the hospital bill and it'll be over. I'd be surprised if they're sent to jail. That would be a little harsh, but the teachers union did the right thing to press charges and the waiting alone, prior to their court appearance, should be punishment enough.

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