Monday, June 16, 2008


Okay, it's bad enough this cop car, (1310) is hogging up two parking spots on Smith Street. Not only is he taking two spaces, he's about 2-3 feet from the curb. Both of these would be considered traffic infractions that would result in a ticket and fine.

I decided to take a picture of the offending police car, because I found it funny. But, then, my friend, Ross, pointed out that this police car and the two police officers attached to it, were sitting across the street at the Amazon Cafe.

Again, no biggie. They get 30-minute lunch and dinner breaks, but then my friend tells me , this cop car pulled in at 3:30pm. It's now 5:30pm, two hours after the cruiser settled into the double wide parking space.

Let's review: Cop takes up two spots.....parks two to three feet from the curb and worst of all, hangs out in a take-out food restaurant for TWO hours. This is a salad and chicken wrap kind of place, not Peter Luger's or Daniel. In and out. That's it.
Last time I ate there, I spent all of 20-minutes inside. How can you even spend an hour there? Let alone.....2 hours.

All I'm thinking is that some dude is breaking into an apartment two blocks away...and these two cops are chowing down on a two hour break. Technically, they're a few blocks away from the fictional burglary, but another patrol car, 20-blocks away has to respond, meaning bad guy gets away.

You've heard this before, but its true...this is YOUR taxpayer dollars at work. We all pay taxes expecting to get great service, from sanitation to police protection, yet for two hours while parking in front of two parking meters, these guys slide.

It gets worse. So because this car is hogging up two spaces, all the cars that pull in behind it are now taking up two parking spaces, because they have no choice. Guess what happens? All of those cars taking up two parking spaces are given tickets by the local meter maid. Yet, the offending police car that's been sitting there for two hours gets nothing. "kay sar ra sa ra."


  1. Did they at least put a few coins in the meter?

  2. George,

    Nice job on the network news last week. I hate to be picky, but it's Que sera sera. Actually, sera might even have an accent over the "a," but then I'd really be picky. Click here for your listening pleasure. I failed Spanish in the 7th grade by 5 points, unjustifiably so, in my opinion, and I've been a little obsessive about the language because of that. Say hello to Bob Hardt, Dan Ingram and Joe Franklin.


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