Wednesday, June 4, 2008


WARNING: Some of the language below may be offensive to some of our readers. Parents, hide the children immediately!)

Talk about an angry black man! I'm constantly searching the blogosphere for interesting tidbits on Brooklyn and I stumbled across this gem of a site: "Blognigger"

"I'm a 32 year-old Software Engineer. I grew up in Manhattan, went to a ritzy private school with 95% white kids where I was the token African American black kid." (picture to the left is from his website)

Okay, fair enough. Then, he proceeds to rage over how he's a pauper living in trendy Park Slope, Brooklyn.

"Now I make $106,000 a year, and I'm a pauper in Park Slope. No, literally - we have to leave. I have two kids and my rent has just been raised to $3500 a month. I've lived here since 1999 (when 5th avenue was still a total shithole), and now I'm going to have to uproot my family and move out of Brooklyn."

Notice the anger?

"Can I ask you a fucking question? How can I be making $106,000 a year and not be able to afford to live in Brooklyn? After the neighborhood is built up with designer Peruvian cuisine and gourmet garage franchises, it's deemed officially cool. So cool that it's a viable alternative to Manhattan. Now wall street moves in - hundreds of people with quarter million dollar bonuses in '06 and '07 - so much fucking money that I don't stand a chance. They buy."

He ends his rant with this:

"Now my 2 bedroom on Garfield st. is $3500 a month, and I'm a fuckin nigger"

Jeez! Welcome to New York City, Mister Angry Black Man. About 11 years ago, I was priced out of the West Village in Manhattan and you know what I did? That's right, I moved. Now, I'm in Carroll Gardens, a neighborhood similar to trendy Park Slope. My landlord raised my rent for the first time in 11 years, about five months ago. My apartment is still about half of what the market price for this place would be. I'm grateful, but like thousands of others in that six-figure category, I'm willing to move. I'm not going to bitch about it. I'm going to do it quietly, if I ever have to relocate.

But, this story goes well beyond a black man's rant on skyrocketing housing prices. No, just about everything in this guy's Blognigger has to do with race and how the white man is keeping him down. You don't hear him complaining about other blacks who make more money than him. It's as if only whites are afforded that status. That would be like Wesley Snipes complaining how John Travolta and people like him (read white actors) have left him making considerably less money. What his $15 million dollars a year to Travolta's 38-million a year. Please.

How does one who appears to be fairly successful in his career come to the conclusion that the white man is responsible for all of our nations woes, not to mention all of his trials and tribulations. And, goodness gracious, golly gee willikers, Mister Wilson, the language! Please, take a bitter pill and grow up!

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