Thursday, November 13, 2008


"I am doing all I can do to put an end to Negroes in America. They simply must go."

"Negroes"? "They must go"? Doesn't sound very nice. It isn't, because those comments come from one of the bloggers on the website of StormFront, the white nationalist organization.

Racist websites are full of this sort of stuff. Proud whites, as they call themselves, can't figure out how Amerika (their spelling) has voted to put a black man in the White House. What really disturbs them is that "White America" did this. Imagine that, their own white people elected a black President. At the "White Power" website of the Aryan Nation, I found this little ditty.

"Well I must admit, I've seen much change in the last 24 hours since stupid Whitey put Obama in the White House! We've been receiving non-stop phone calls and e-mails from concerned Whites from across the nation here at ANHQ. These are proud Aryans that haven't been dumbed down by this multicultural cesspool system but needed a bit of fire under their arses to get involved in Pro-White activism again."

Back at the StormFront website, another writer shows his true colors, but essentially throws his hands up in defeat.

"I'm sorry guys but this was a disaster. Whites won't be able to turn this around in America. Now that a negro is President, it will encourage lots more race mixing in America. All is lost. We should be working on saving Europe now, the last stronghold of White civilization there is."

Recently, federal authorities arrested several young white men in a pair of plots to assassinate Barack Obama. Even in a secret document leaked to a news organization, they admit, America's first black President proves quite the security challenge. Even before Obama was elected President, his Secret Service detail was as large as the sitting President, George Bush.

Granted, the number of people who hate blacks so much, they'd contemplate killing the President is small. But, the fact that these groups are so poorly organized means, it's a little more difficult to infiltrate hatemongers before they strike. Authorities have done it at least twice, but those arrests came even before Obama was elected President.

Racists aren't hard to find. They'll tell you exactly what they think and they're proud of it. But, now many in the "White Power" movement are going stealth, trying to sound kinder and gentler to the millions of "non-believers." Don't call them cross burnings anymore. The KKK now refers to that practice as a "cross lighting."
At the Stormfront website, one poster explains the need to re-tool.

"Our public image needs to be improved for many reasons. It removes the red neck image, and hater images. It destroys their propaganda campaigns or makes them far less effective. Most important it creates fear, yes they fear those of us they can not read or intimidate. We need a new image."

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