Friday, November 28, 2008


Once again, Dachshunds have been snubbed at another one of those big dog shows. As many of you know, I've owned two dachshunds, Romer and Noodles, so I love the breed. Now, don't get me wrong, neither of those dogs would have had a chance in hell of winning any dog show, let alone a Halloween costume contest.

But, I think these Kennel Clubs have some sort of bias against the hot dog shaped pups. How could they? The hot dog is an American tradition, eaten along side the American pastime, baseball.

This year at the National Dog Show in Philadelphia, a pointer with a really stupid name won the Best Of Show. "Cookieland Seasyde Hollyberry" of Vermont won the competition. Who would ever name their dog "Cookieland Seasyde Hollyberry"? I much prefer the winner of the hound group, a Basset Hound named, are you ready, NOODLES!

I'm not sure if a Dachshund has ever won the top spot at the National Dog Show, but never in the over 100 year history of the Westminster Kennel Club, has a dachshund won Best Of Show at the group's big New York competition. Oh well, maybe next year.

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  1. It really sucks that dachshunds never win BIS!!!


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