Thursday, November 20, 2008


Jimmy McMillan is a one issue candidate for Mayor of New York City in 2009. The issue: Rent is too damn high. That's actually the name of the party he founded and the ticket he's running on when he goes up against Mayor Bloomberg in another year. Don't laugh him off yet. In 2005, he garnered over 4000 votes. That paled in comparison to Michael Bloomberg's 753,000 votes. But, nonetheless, some 4000 souls in the Big Apple thought rising rent prices were a big deal.

McMillan doesn't have a shot in hell of winning the election, but I suspect he'll get even more supporters this time around. You know why? Because, rent is too damn high.
In my neighborhood, you can't walk into a one bedroom for less than $2000 and we don't even have a Starbucks close by.

The 61 year old McMillan is quite the radical. A few years back, he scaled a cable on the Brooklyn Bridge to display a banner promoting his run for Mayor. At 61, McMillan says if he loses in 2009, he probably won't take another crack at Mayoral life. Let's face it, Bloomberg plans to spend millions of his own cash to win a third term in office.

I think McMillan knows he won't win, but people like him have an underlying reason for running for office. They think their effort will spark debate or better yet, real change.He's probably right. I wrote about him.

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