Thursday, November 13, 2008


I don't get it. Some people really have the nerve. I was in a Balducci's supermarket recently to buy a cup of coffee. A young lady ahead me was also buying a cup of joe. The line was pretty long. Only two people were working the checkout and several people had big orders. But, the real reason the line was so long and so slow was because of the lady buying the coffee.....or should I say, how she was buying the coffee.

With a credit card. Yup, she charged $1.75 to her credit card for a lousy cup of coffee. It would have been quicker with a debit/ATM card, but you could clearly see she was signing the receipt. The other day at a local bar, some guy asked for 4 quarters so he could play pool. Guess what he did. He asked the bartender to put the one dollar charge on his credit card.

I'm not going to bellyache much longer about this, but for Gods Sake, put some bills and coins in your pocket before you start the day.

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