Saturday, November 29, 2008


You see them everyday, but for the first time I actually saw the beauty in bikes, in all of their different shapes, sizes, forms and colors. On just one block of Smith street in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, I spotted no less than five of the two-wheelers or in some cases, three-wheelers and no-wheelers. Take a look for yourself.

This is your basic two-wheeler, locked to a pole and belonging to a local deliveryboy.

This three-wheeler is perfect for the family with two kids. One can ride in the back and the other can be strapped into the handle bar seat. This little gem was parked in front of the Amazon cafe, a trendy little Smith street bistro.

Two's a crowd. Must be a popular place. Two bikes, two poles.

I'm not sure if the bike had its wheels stolen, or the owner decided to take the wheels off himself, so no one could ride away with it.

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