Saturday, November 8, 2008


Suzane Joseph runs the Satellite Middle School in Brooklyn's DUMBO with an iron fist.

Within the last week, she kicked seven students out of class and stuck them in remedial classes, because the 7th graders decided to circulate a petition to protest an increase in testing. The students and teachers were notified that beginning in a few days, they'd be required to take four additional English and math tests, weekly. This is in addition to already scheduled tests.

Fine. But, what sent this previously disciplined (according to sources) principal over the edge was that teacher told her students were circulating a petition calling for an end to the additional testing. The organizer of this petition was an honors student, a young teenager who has excelled at the school on York Street. After seeing the petition, she essentially demoted the children to inferior classes. That'll teach'm.

At least one parent confronted the principal saying she was standing behind her child and that the petition was an experience in leadership. Didn't matter, off she went to the Gulag because the honors student expressed her disappointment in the testing, which she considered over the top.

But, Ms. Joseph's antics didn't end there. She decided on her own that her students were going to eat healthy and that they'd have to go through a "security check" of sorts to prove they weren't bring what she considered contraband junk food into the school.

According to my sources, scores of students were ordered to open up their backpacks and purses for a food inspection. Dozens of goodies were confiscated, from potato chips to candy bars to soda. The students later said they felt like criminals. Some say their parents packed some of those items.

Even if the kids bought the items on their own, this sort of shake-down is unacceptable. The teachers complain that the additional testing and the student searches for junk food violate labor contracts. I really don't care about that.
There's nothing wrong with tough love, but this is just plain silliness. It's a control freak with an ego that's out of control.


  1. Thank You for bringing light to this... As a teacher in the school there isn't much we can say with something negative happening or being written up. We are threaten and verbally abused often and in front of the students. Our children are very unhappy and so is the staff.
    The children of this community deserve better. I have heard children say often they hate school because they are yelled at everyday and forced to write simply because of the upcoming test. When the writing isn't completed they are removed from class to complete the assignments. Even though it’s against the chancellor's regulations children are mistreated verbally. Many complain yet it still happens.
    My message to all outside MS 313, the real story is what goes on in the day to day happenings. Interview the children after school and they will tell you the truth. Anyone reading this "SEND HELP!!!!"

    Us, teachers are even being forced to update a website that we believe is being monitored everyday by Ms. Joseph.

    My last question is this.
    If our test scores went up last year, and they did, why did more then 10 teachers of a 21 staffed school leave, only to teach together at other schools??? HMMMM???

    Please keep reporting the news and please do a follow up. Please pass this on to others.


  2. This principal, Ms. Joseph should be ashamed of herself and perhaps take a job at your local detention center. She has clearly forgotten what an educator is and who they are working for. These are the children of tomorrow. Yes, they may be a challenge, yes out of control, yes disrespectful. However if you cannot treat your teachers with dignity and respect. The children will suffer. Remember even though you arent't always teaching, children are always learning.Children should be handled as unshaped clay that needs to be molded, from the way this monster is running that school, this mound of clay will only harden.

    Ms. Joseph, do us all a favor and leave your profession. You are dispicable!

  3. I read where joseph is trying to become friendly with students and parents with Mc Donald meals. Is'nt she the same insane woman who searched students bookbags for junk food earlier on. Now she has to work a lot harder to gain that respect from students and parents. She must begin by respecting her hard working staff. That will be very difficult for Joseph since ehe treated them with so much disrespect for so long. She Joseph is trying very hard to make a come back. Maybe she should begin by taking her staff out maybe on a yatch like she used the school funds for last school year. It was not used for the hard working staff. It was used to take parents who do not even attend PTA meetings on the Hudson. As for the money she makes with the sale of McDonalds meals, maybe just maybe she may pay for the cheerleading team to go and perform in Florida and to pay for the Coach bus too and from the airport.

    I know that you are wondering where I got my info. There is nothing better than being there under her nose.

    I see, record and expose that Maniac.


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