Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Rockefeller Center has one, so does Lincoln Center and Bryant Park. But, now Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn has its own Christmas tree. Unlike the other venues, there's no big spectacle marking the momentous occasion. They will have a little celebration, as explained in the below email:

"The Court Street Merchants Association is providing a tree and decorations
in the Court Street park border. This will be installed today 12/3. They
are also organizing a lighting event next Friday December 12th at 7 PM.
There will be caroling and a visit from Santa Claus. Refreshments will be
served afterward at the park house. The signs should now be up around the
neighborhood but everyone should spread the word and join us for some
seasonal cheer !"

Glenn Kelly
Committee to Improve Carroll Park

Unlike the Rockefeller Christmas tree, I'm told workers didn't search the globe looking for the perfect 70-foot Norway Spruce. This tree is just over ten feet tall and they didn't have to go far to find the perfect tree for Carroll Park.

Because, right across the street and in front of a popular deli, you have, Christmas trees for sale.

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