Monday, December 1, 2008

FOR $1100 I COULD WIN $50,000

That's what I could win if I joined the Superbowl pool at a full-service vice bar I know. I couldn't believe it. $1100 to get in. One customer barked, "you've got to play to win." Yeah I guess. These are folks who gamble everyday on every pool. They spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on everything from lottery tickets to picking the ponies and playing the pool. It's not like they're wealthy folks or anything. I suppose it's their vice. It's not mine. It's bad enough I smoke and drink!

Now when I say a full-service vice bar, I don't mean they have prostitutes available. But, at one time, the hookers hung out at this place until Mayor Giuliani cleaned up the town. No, this place will let you take beer, wine or liquor to go, all neatly packed with ice in two bags. The bartenders make loans to their needy customers. They'll cash your checks for you and you can join a pool or fill out a betting slip. It's totally old school, but I like it, which is why I'm not revealing the name or location of this place.

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