Thursday, December 4, 2008


If you've ever watched late night television, you've seen Vince, the pitchman for Sham-Wow, the super absorbent miracle towels. When it comes to Infomercials, I'm always a little skeptical about whether the products really work. Sham-Wow seemed too good to be true, until Dan Gura, a senior editor at ABC News Radio out of nowhere started bellowing how he called the toll-free number and ordered up a set of the water sucking towels. As you might expect, I had plenty of questions. The first being, do they really work? They do, he told me. But, he had this little boy enthusiasm about him, like I've never heard in a 30-something grown adult. It's like he had hit the lottery.

Well, I never jotted down the toll-free number to order the Sham-Wow, so I did the next best thing, I ordered the set of bright orange and baby blue towels from the Internet. A few weeks later, they arrived, including a second set for free.
I was offered some tips on how to use the towels, because some people complained on line that they're not very absorbent at all. The trick was to wet the Sham-Wow's first, ring them out and start being amazed. They really do work. I keep a few around my kitchen sink. So impressed, I gave a set away to by sister and brother in law.

The other day while at my local watering hole in Brooklyn, bartender Tommy had this cute little gift bag and inside I noticed he had a single, large, bright orange Sham-Wow. You see, Tommy's kind of a macho guy, so he was a tad embarrassed when I yanked it out and shouted, "You got a Sham-Wow." "Give that to me," he said as he grabbed the towel out of my hand. But, then I started riffing on the Sham-Wow's, telling anyone who would listen how great they are.

I offered a Vince-like demonstration, taking a pint of water and pouring it all over the bar. Before I did, I went to the restroom and got the towel wet. Then, I did my demonstration.

The staff and customers were amazed. It's a shame, Sham-Wow doesn't offer distributorships or franchises for it's towels, because if I had a bunch on me, I would have sold out after that single demonstration. So, I'm happy to report, I've become a giddy unofficial spokesman for Sham-Wow. As the commercial says, when you buy one of these you too will be saying, Sham-WOW!


  1. Thanks for the nice info.It is really really cool.

  2. Can anyone tell me where I can find out about becoming a sham wow distributor?

  3. This sham wow guy is crazy and needs to keep his job!!


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