Saturday, March 15, 2008


Oh, the poor little anarchists. They're all upset that the New York City police department is hassling them because some nut job has been throwing bombs into buildings. The crazed bicyclists latest attack was on the military recruiting station in Times Square. Granted, no one was hurt and there was minimal damage, but this crackpot has got to be caught.

Now, several members of well known anarchist groups are whining to the newspapers that the police are giving them a hard time, always on their backs and trying to pin the potentially deadly assaults on one of them. Guess what? It probably is one of them.

These are the same people who spike trees of loggers and are the ones who rioted in the streets of Seattle a few years back. They are violent, evil people who don't like the American way. They obviously don't want to live here and while it's easy enough to say MOVE, that'll never happen.
You know why? While they're against taxes, big corporations and the military, they like being in a free country where you can raise your voice as loud as you want and take on the government. The one thing you can't do and should never be able to do in a civilized country is BOMB the government!

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