Thursday, March 20, 2008


I'm very excited! I'll be starting on the ABC RADIO NETWORKS , Saturday April 5th. You can hear me from 5-11am at the top and bottom of every hour, depending on your radio station. Crazy.....they're the same hours I worked M-F on WABC. I think they're just trying to mess with my head! Seriously, I'm really looking forward to it. They're a bunch of good people at the net...and I'm hoping for a long, rewarding relationship with them. Wish me luck. I hope I don't suck too much! ( to find out more about the abc radio networks, click on the "YOU CAN HEAR ME AGAIN" headline.


  1. I have mixed feelings about this. You aren't just a newsreader, you're a radio personality!

  2. george; its great to hear that you will be back on the air ! That is the most important thing . I'm sorry to hear about Noodles ,he was your pet but we enjoied hearing what he was up to and what he did. Agian i.m looking forward to hearing you again.good lucs. Bob

  3. George, I used to listen to the Curtis and Kuby show from overseas on the web (I am in Switzerland!) and I enjoyed every minute of it, especially the comments you guys made during and after your news reports. The program was on during my lunch time (due to time zone differences).

    When Imus took you guys' spot, I stopped listening to WABC. The new Curtis show is not convenient to me because at that time of the day I have to be back at work.

    I guess I will now go back to WABC during noon (my time), just to listen to you... Or maybe I will find another talk station from another city that is affiliated with your news programs!

    So tell us more: are you going to be on during weekends only?

    Anyway: great to hear you are back!


  4. I heard you on Saturday and i thought i was dreaming cause i was still half asleep, bloody hell.. it's nice to have you back
    now if only we could have our kuby back. they can put Imus and Bob grant together.
    I have tried listening to the Imus show but i can't understand a word he says, i still think rosters loose in my kitchen is better than listening to THe IMAN.

    welcome back


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