Thursday, March 13, 2008


I've been getting a lot of nice emails from listeners. Many of them mention my sweet little dachshund noodles, often the butt of jokes on the Curtis and Kuby and John Gambling shows.
Many of your letters suggest I'll be able to spend more time with Noodles, now that I'm out of a job.

Unfortunately, I won't. My best friend died just days after I was fired. It was bad week for George.

Earlier on the day of his death, I was playing catch with the little guy. He was jumping around, licking my face and cuddling next to me on the living room sofa. I went out for a while. Came back. Usually when I come in to the house, you can ear noodles little nails rattling against the hard wood floors as he darts out of bed and into my arms. That afternoon, I didn't hear the pitter patter. I found him sleeping in his little doggie bed next to my bed. Still, I left a bowl of food for him so that when he woke up, he'd have something to eat. He never woke up. Sometime while I was gone, Noodles took his final breath. I only wish I was next to him when he did. I felt his body and it was cold, his body stiff and yet he lay there just like he always did. I'm crying now like I did endlessly for hours after he died . I couldn't sleep. I couldn't sleep with his lifeless body laying right next to me. The next day I carried him over to my vet, who lives next door and had her take away my best friend. He will live on in my memories, photos and stories. One that comes to mind is a year or so before my first dachshund, Romer, died, Noodles came rushing into the living room, barking, turning and running towards the back porch. He did this several times until I got my fat ass off the sofa and followed him. Tail wagging, he was looking over the balcony and 10 feet below, where Romer had fallen. He was all muddy and tangled in a garden hose. He was in convulsions. Romer, though. would be fine. Not a single broken bone, but it was Noodles who sensed something was wrong and like Lassie, summoned me for help. Noodles was just 8 years old and even in doggie years, he was too young to die. I'll miss ya little buddy.


  1. Hi George. I was very sorry to hear that you were part of the "axing" You are an awesome newscaster and worked your tail off (I've witnessed it on and off for many years!) I was also very saddened to hear of Noodles' death. It is so difficult to deal with the death of a pet.

    Good luck in your future endeavors and I'm sure we'll bump into eachother again -- maybe on a cruise ship? Those were the days!!!

    Heather O'Rourke

  2. Deepest sympathy on your loss... I can't begin to imagine what you may be feeling... SOOOOOO SORRY!!!

    I have a 4 year beagle and recently adopted an old one from the ASPCA (a long story :) - Maybe you will consider adopting(not to replace Noodles) but to bring new joy to both of you.

    Agree with you about Kuby and Gambling... since Kuby left, I listened to you and now I don't even turn the dial to 770AM.

    Good Luck on your new ventures.

  3. Oh no!! First the tale behind your departure from WABC and now THIS! I am so sorry to hear of Noodles untimely death! I also had a Noodles in my life while growing up -- he was a fiesty little Peek-a-poo and my family still misses him terribly. George, you and the rest of "the gang" were just so much fun to listen to every morning. I actually cried when I heard of this latest round of firings (you and John Gambling). What a shame for all of us who enjoyed and appreciated your efforts. I know/understand what Alan Sniffen would say --it's business -- but don't these folks realize how much you broadcasters actually become like "family" to so many people? I sincerely hope we can hear you again soon. I'm bookmarking your blog so I can stay in the loop! God bless you and Noodles too.
    -- Nancy K from Orange County

  4. George,

    My deepest, heart-felt sympathies on the loss of Noodles. My eyes welled up when I read your post. It may sound silly but, due to your tenure on C&K, I feel as if I know you both.

    I'm not listening to WABC much anymore. A little Curtis, a little Rush and sometimes Hannity. I don't listen at all before 10 am. It just isn't the station that got me hooked.

    Please keep us posted on where you land and on your dream of starting a local NY talker.

    Be well,
    Ken Guarnaccia


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