Thursday, March 13, 2008


As a member of the fifth estate, I won't be bamboozled by all of this talk that New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg will run for President. Eventhough I sit in with John Gambling during the Mayor's weekly appearance on WABC, I have no inside information whether he will or won't make aPresidential bid. But, listen to his words. He's told us privately he's very excited about plunging head first into his philanthropic endeavors, giving away a big hunk of his estimated ten billion dollar worth. For months, Mr. Bloomberg has used phrase like, "I have no intention of running, " or "I have no plans to run for President." "No intention, no plans." That's in stark contrast to what he's said in his most recent interviews, blurting: "I will not be running for President." Can't get any more definitive then that. Yet, he's asked over and over again by a hungry press corps, "Are you running for President? He's answered this question. Why keep asking. Just stop it.

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