Thursday, March 13, 2008


A few weeks ago, I got Verizon DSL for my computer, but I was having phone trouble. DSL, by the way, is awesome. The phone people told me a technician would be by, sometime between 8:00am and 5:00pm. This has long been a complaint of utility customers---never getting an actual appointment. So, when they called a few days ago inquiring about my past due bill....I told them I had already sent it. They asked when. I said "sometime between August and November!"

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  1. I was so very sad when you and John Gambling were fired. I knew it couldn't have been Phil Boyces doing. He must be heartbroken. There was no better crew at that station. I can't believe it myself but I miss Kuby too.
    What was Citadel thinking hiring a relic who is as boring as crap? I can't take it. I waing for him to croak on air. So I listen to NPR. I'm a radio junkie.
    Sorry about Noodles, I know how you loved him. I'm the one who invited you over for an Italian dinner and told you to bring Noodles. I didn't expect you to come. Please keep us posted about your future.
    Good luck, you're one of the best.
    Pat Pisani


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