Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well, here I am, two weeks after "black friday" at WABC Radio and dozens of Citadel owned radio stations across the country. Sometimes radio sucks. This is one of those times.After 11 years of anchoring the news, reporting from the streets and hosting talk shows, the axe fell. Citadel facing hundreds of millions of dollars in losses chopped well over 100 people in a slew of markets. This will also allow the company to pay Don Imus's multi-million dollar salary by replacing strong local hosts with a cow-poke style syndicated talk show.

My good friend, John Gambling was also cut. John is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet and he's a great broadcaster. Like me, he's a survivor and will land on his feet. John and I often wondered how long it would be before Citadel starting cutting. We watched the stock price hit a dollar a share, while the company continued a top heavy work force of highly paid broadcasters.I've kept in touch with John and he's doing fine and enjoying himself in sunny Florida.

As for me, I'll be going national in the next few weeks, but you should be able to hear me here in New York. Dates and details to be announced.

I rebounded quickly, indeed, but I'm still hoping you'll be able to hear me full-time on a local radio station somewhere in New York City.

I'd be remiss, if I didn't mention another good friend of mine, Ron Kuby. Not only do I consider him a good friend, but he's one of the most brilliant , creative minds out there. Politics aside (and believe me, I disagree with a lot of what he says), Ron is someone I really like to be around. He might be left, but he's not always right! Ron continues his very successful law practice defending the likes of mobsters, biker gangs and as Curtis Sliwa would describe as "the assorted miscreants of society." He, his wife and daughter are doing just fine, but I miss playing with him, Curtis and Warner Wolf on the air.

As for Curtis, he's a stand up guy. What you didn't know about the leader of the Guardian Angels is that he refused to take John Gambling's post at first until he knew that Citadel was cutting scores of jobs solely because of money. Curtis is truly a decent man, a believer in truth, justice and the American way. Oh, and thanks Curtis for your kind and heart felt words on your first show.

Warner Wolf is the best in the business. He was one of my on-air partners in the morning on the Curtis and Kuby show. Hands down, Warner is THE best radio sports anchor in the country. Not only that, he's a genuinely good guy. He works his butt off, drives producers crazy, but we love him for who he is----a sweetheart of a guy.

A special thanks to Frank Morano, the producer of the Curtis and Kuby show who continues on at WABC. Frank is sharp as a cookie (why do they say, what's so sharpe about a cookie) and he's a good friend. This guy is a walking history and political book and it comes in handy when you're putting together newscasts and a show on a tight deadline. He's also really talented and creative and watch out WABC, I may try to steal him for one of my future ventures.

Phil Boyce was my program director at WABC. You should know it was NOT his decision to fire any of these people. The calling came from the uppermost levels of Citadel management, the number crunchers. I know how hard it was for him to call me into his office that Friday morning and tell me he was letting me go. After all, I had thought he was calling me into his office to announce he had just received my new contract back from corporate lawyers. I've known Phil since my days in Denver radio back in the 80's, when we were both young guys eking out our place in broadcasting. Despite my firing, he remains my friend.


  1. I have beeb a long time listener
    of WABC... but with all the
    recentr changes starting with
    Kuby being fired. I find it
    difficult to listen to the
    station. The reporting and
    discussion on local area topics
    are gone.

  2. Obviously, this has turned out to be one sale that seems to have backfired in a big way, and there have been some terribly misguided moved (i.e.: bringing Imus aboard) that have cost too many good people their positions).

    Looking back, it's looking more like Disney knew what they were doing when they sold WABC and other stations to Citadel.

  3. George, You are right about the old C+K show. It will be a standard against which many shows yet unborn will be judged. You played an integral part of that part of radio history. I am glad, and not surprised, that you landed on your feet. Can't wait to hear you again. My concolences to you about Noodles. I know that feeling.
    Keep us posted. John F

  4. We are very disappointed with ABC for firing you & Kuby & Gambling (& Lynn Samuels & Bey too, in the old days).
    We enjoyed Curtis & Kuby SO much & listened almos daily. I don't believe ABC will solve their money problems by firing their best people.
    We send our deepest condolences on the loss of your dear Noodles. We too lost our beloved 15 yr old cat in Oct. and still grieve for him every day.

    Good wishes! Sarah

  5. George; sorry to hear about your termination of employment at WABC Radio...as a long time radio engineer i've watched industry standards both engineering and programming diminish over the years as the "bottom line" continues to make inroads in radio.

    I honestly believe that deregulation has done more harm then good to our industry. Additionally putting accountants and salesman incharge of radio stations has been an industry error; while they may be good at selling commercials, many know little or nothing of programming and operations.

    I don't have an answer for the cure; just an observation from someone who grew up in the business and has worked in it for the past 35 years. I'm sure at some point the industry will turn around.

  6. I, for one, would love to see the old morning team move over to WOR. Their current lineup just doesn't cut it, and I've said as much in emails to the program director. A Curtis/Kuby/Webber/Wolf & Gambling morning lineup would DESTROY the current WABC lineup. Since Imus has been on board, my morning consisted of "Fox and Friends" on XM, and I always turned back to 770 at 10am. Now, looks like it will be XM the whole morning... how sad... I really hope you guys can get something going again. After listening to you for so long you're like good friends.

  7. I was glad to hear your voice on the national news and I miss you guys in the mornings. I too will have the radio tuned away from WABC all morning.
    Imus, I think, has been the worst mistake ever made nesct to taking back Bob Grant. In the week I listened, Imus' new team is not funny (tho they try to be)and I can't understand Imus at all with the mumbling.
    Hope all the modning guys the best opf luck and condolences about Noodles.

  8. I must echo everyone's comments.. I really miss listening to the curtis and kuby show, with you on it, and warner wolf.. although, kuby did get on my nerves, a lot! you guys actually got me hooked on radio when i used to drive from jersey to nyc.. don't get me wrong, I love hannity, levin and rush too, but you guys made listening to radio fun, and interesting.. also, i don't want to forget gambling.. Glad to see you landed well..Imus, stinks! I can't even understand him.


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