Thursday, March 13, 2008


Would you people just stop your whining? Okay, I'm guilty of doing that, too. But, we citizens are just never satisfied with the weather. WABC's Curtis Sliwa won't stop hounding Stephanie Delucca at the Weather Channel. Every day he's giving her grief. First, it's the cold and snow, then the non-stop rain and now it's the near 100-degree heat. I had to bite my tongue the other day while riding in the elevator at work. I was about to say, like we all said so many times before about weeks of endless rain, "boy, it's really hot today." Duh. Why do we even say things like that? It's like walking down the street and someone comments about the watch you're wearing. "Is that your watch?" What was that all about? These extreme weather conditions in the Northeast got me thinking about the stupid stuff we say everyday to each other. Sure, they're conversation starters or enders, but it's a sign of a whining society. There's always something to complain about. The weather. The service at the restaurant. Long lines. The phone company. I don't think I can bite my tongue all the time, because I couldn't stop talking the other day about the idiot at the phone company. So, I've decided to compromise. From now on, for each negative comment, I'll add a positive comment. I'll try it on you.

"That grump at McDonalds is so stupid she wouldn't be able to find her own hand, but what a sweet voice she had."

OR:"Excuse me sir, your dog just took a crap on my sidewalk. Where did youget that beautiful shirt?"

OR...back in the elevator:"Hmmmmm. Hear that rumbling. Maybe the elevator is about to free fall 17stories. Well, at least we'd get to the lobby quicker."

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