Thursday, March 13, 2008


What a moron. Here's the Governor of New York having sex with hookers. Dozens of them, perhaps. The guy who was once the state's top law enforcer is now caught with his pants down at a high rent brothel in the shadow of the White House in Washington, D.C.

I don't get it. Okay, I can understand if he can't get it up with his wife anymore or perhaps has some perverted sexual fantasy his wife won't engage him with, but you are the fricking Governor of New York!

What is it about high profile politicans and sex? Bill Clinton, Larry Craig, Jim McGreavy and now Governor Spitzer. Do they think they are so far above the law or do they really believe nobody will ever find out. We always find out. How many corrupt Republicans and Democrats have fallen in New Jersey? Dozens. They include mayors, councilmen, senators and commissioners. But, despite the publicity surrounding their arrests, their political colleagues continue to take bribes and kickbacks.

They should no better, right? You know what I think, I think everyone has a public and private life and at any moment they can turn one off and the other on.

Here's another thing: What's Spitzer thinking, paying up to $5,000 for a call girl. I'd like to suggest he pick up a copy of the Village Voice and check out the massage ads on the back pages. How about Craigslist? Go to the "erotic services" section and check out the chicks. You can bag one of them for a measley $150 an hour, what appears to be the going rate. Some even come with pictures so you can be assured that your $150 is getting you a $5,000 lady.

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  1. George:

    Is it me, or do rich guys NOT believe in paying CASH for some things!!

    Imagine leaving a paper trail for anyone to follow. It's as though he forgot everything HE did when he was the sheriff of Wall Street.

    Great post. You're a great talent and sorely missed. Get back soon.


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