Saturday, March 22, 2008

LESS THAN 4-MINUTES ( the firefighters of the FDNY)

That's how long it took rescue workers to arrive at a midtown Manhattan bar after I called 911 on Friday. I've always had a deep respect for New York City firefighters and paramedics, but this response blew me away.

Here's what happened. Just an hour or so after some friends of mine at WABC threw me a belated going away party at the Blarney Rock on 33rd street, a friend of mine collapsed in the bar. He had just one drink. It wasn't the drinking, but best we can tell it was a reaction to high blood pressure medication. I called 911 after he fainted. During that time we got him outside to get some fresh air, but he fainted again. Now, we were scared.

I was still on the cell phone giving details, when a fire engine from Company 1 showed up. Five firefighters jumped off the truck with oxygen and other essentials. More often than not, the fire department arrives before paramedics and in this particular case, they had to have gotten there in under four minutes.

Five minutes later, an ambulance arrived with a paramedic crew. At the urging of several of us, he went into the ambulance to be checked out, but in the end refused treatment and walked home. Looks like he'll be fine.

In a city of clogged streets, stuffed with eight million people, it's pretty darn amazing how quick these guys responded and it's comforting to know they're just a phone call away. For them, it was just another emergency medical response, but for us at the Blarney Rock at that moment it was matter of life and death. Not since September 11th had I felt prouder of New York City's bravest, eventhough for them, it must have been considered just a small task. Thanks guys.

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  1. How odd is it that I listened to my podcast from you on Imus' show on Feb. 19 and less than ten days later, Citadel did what they did.

    You're missed, believe me!


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