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By now word has spread that I've been writing about this whacked out Principal (I even have problems capitalizing it!). As many of you well know, I'm a news anchor at ABC NEWS radio, however, this is much too local of a story for me to tackle at a national level. This is the sort of story I'd dive right into and talk about on my former WABC local radio show. However, having said that, I will be forwarding these essays (not your emails) to the powers that be at the Board of Education, the Mayors office, etc, in order to affect change. It is obvious that many of you, dozens really, who have emailed me are fearful of your jobs at MS 313 and that is sad. Do me this, email me your stories, any correspondence you have received (including copies of memos) from this principal and PLEASE leave me an email address to respond. I will assure you, I NEVER reveal sources in such a sensitive story and I will only use your emails to correspond and delve a little deeper into your concerns. You can reach me at george@georgeweber.net Hang in there, Ok.


  1. I worked as an aide at MS313 during the last school year. I worked for a couple days in September 2008. I was fired by the maniac principal because I was close to the previous principal. I have news for you. The teachers were forced to change grades to make the school look good at the end of each marking period or else they were threatened with letters in their files for insobordination.Those employed at that school went through hell.

    You have a dean disrespecting students. An AP yelling at the staff and most of all a so called principal with no regards for anyone, including teachers, students and parents. The UFT chapter leader works against the teachers and for the maniac principal.

    Please get some help for the few sane ones living through that ordeal.

  2. This blog was sent to me anonymously and at first I wasn't going to open it but I am glad that I did. Quite frankly I am concern about what I read because my child attends MS313.I am at a lost for words because some of the things that I have read are new to me. I attended a meeting and Ms. Joseph made it seem as if the change in staff was her idea for the betterment of the students, and not the result of her bullying. We have to find a way to get rid of her, because my child is in the 7th grade and I don't think changing schools at this time is best for her. My child is having a hard time in one particular class and the teacher happens to be new, now I'm left to wonder is he qualified to teach this class. Something has to be done because I only chose this school because of it's reputation. At the end of the day when I ask my child how was school I get the usual it was fine, or I hear about something that she thinks was funny. Once in a while I get to hear about the serious matters, but now I see that I will have to spend a little more time at the school. Thanks for the story it has opened my eyes to a lot of things.

  3. My child attends MS 313.I am apalled at MS Joseph's disrespectful behavior to the students. My child a level 4 student in both mathematics and ElA is continuously humiliated and disrespected by the Principal and Dean Ms Valmon. My child has been thrown the SAVE for things such as having the incorrect footwear. I have other children and I give my children whatever I can, I know the mist important thing right now is an education. If my child is constantly being removed from the classroom to sit in the SAVE room as a criminal,someone is cheating my child of an education. I spoke to The principal and AP many times about this. I was insulted and laughed at in the main office. I refuse to go back to the school because MS Joseph disrespected my child and myself.

    I heard Ms Joseph discuss her staff in very low dirty ways. She discusses anyone anywhere. She had a big discussion about her teachersby the security desk on the first floor. She made it public those who she was going to fire and those she did not want teaching at her school. My child has hsd a great education until the majoritay of tahe staff left during and at the end of the last school year. Some of the good teachers remained but are treated with disrespect. The majority of teachers who left were in control of their students at all times. They actually cared about these children. When i was told about all of the teachers who left, I knew that schiik MS313 was about to take a down fall in discipline, behavior and everything else. There is a few of the best teachers at MS 313 but MS Joseph has taken away the control from them. She has no control and she will never have control over the children.

    MS Joseph needs to be placed to teach in one of district 75 schools. After that she will be forced to learn how to respect teachers and students.

    Ms Joseph I am so very sorry for you for all of the rules you have taken and changed in your own hands.It is time when that table and all of the executive furniture you bought for your so called office is about to spin. During the spin if your office door happens to open and you become dizzy and roll off the spinning executive chair your entire staff and all of the students will be in the building, they will pass by and you will try to wave to them but they will ignore you. Their hearts are clean and they will be able to move on as for you WHO KNOWS?

    For all of the students you forced to drop out of school think about it. You would not want that for your child. For the young student you had walking the halls and running errands all day instead of going in the classroom and doing school work I hope you can answer for that. Presently she is already adrop out from high school, ninth grade.

    You would have youra time to think from the rubberroom.

    Disrespected parent

  4. I am deeply sorry for that Gym teacher MS Joseph has replaced and treats as if he does not exist. I recall walking in the executive ofice and both of them were sharing a sandwich. Joseph's words to the gym teacher was I called you and did not get you so I started to eat. I did not pay any attention to that but now after all of these comments,I can put everything together.

    My question to the MANIAC is; Why did you have the school under lockdown some weeks ago? You cannot remember Hu !!!! I will remind you.Remember when a parent rushed into your school as a maniac because one of the males in your office had ?????????. Do you remember when the police was called in or it was a big secret. Did you think about those students lives at that moment? Do you know what could have happened that day? It has been a hush hush. Parents were not informed. The NYPD had to intercept.Maniac Joseph where is the said office worker now? Still employed after putting so many lives at risk?

    You cannot make decisions on important issues like that. You are afraid of losing your job. But you are not afraid of terminating your staff.

    I want to see what Dr Machen would do about this incident. Then again it was thrown under the rug one more time.

    Very important staff member

  5. i am just shocked at whats going on in the school .i am a former student and when i attended the shool was never like this...when she came we already knew it was going to be an on going problem...now my sister is goin to this school next year and i am fearful of her future becouse of the horrible changes made at this school. there are young girls pregnate, and boys sexing. i dont think i want my sister in thid type of environment .

  6. I attended Satellite West Academy the year joseph came there as AP. Prior to that year that was the best school anyone would want toattend. The teachers were the best any student would want, supportive, caring, and most of all made sure we were learning, not for test but for life outside of school.
    Teachers who were there then hats off to each one of you.

    The teachers there were like our parents, we respected them because they had our future in their hands.They were serious with whatever they taught.At times I felt that the work load was too much. I spoke to my teachers and they showed me how to manage my my time and school work. I used those skills today.

    I feel badly for the best teachers I had in my life.When I read how they have been treated. If you know these teachers they have given a lot for us students. My neighborhood and my parentsi are very poor and my teachers have shaped me to be the individual I am presently.Without strong caring teachers like those I had then at MS 313 I would have been adrop out. I would like to mention all of your names,but you all know the positive
    effect that you had on my life.

    Recently I attempted to come back and visit you all. Joseph the principal now stopped me from entering the school. I then waited for the students outside. They told me about this website, and things that are happening at the school. I was amazed. I was also informed that most of the teachers(my favorites)are at other schools and some are still undergoing torture at the fist of Joseph.

    Teachers I an very sad to hear this but you all will make it positively where ever you are. You all do what you do best,TEACH and students learn.

    KUDOS !!! KUDOS!!!!! to the teachers who helped me along the way.
    The best at Sat West
    Past Student


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