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A few months back, we told you about Suzane Joseph, the iron-fisted principal at MS 313, the Satellite Middle School in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn. Now, it seems her abusive antics have not let up. Fear has griped the school, making it difficult for teachers to reach out for help. In fact, a recent emailed I received is just that a call for help. First, let's look back at what makes this woman so evil.

From November 9, 2008:

Within the last week, she kicked seven students out of class and stuck them in remedial classes, because the 7th graders decided to circulate a petition to protest an increase in testing. The students and teachers were notified that beginning in a few days, they'd be required to take four additional English and math tests, weekly. This is in addition to already scheduled tests.

Fine. But, what sent this previously disciplined (according to sources) principal over the edge was that teacher told her students were circulating a petition calling for an end to the additional testing. The organizer of this petition was an honors student, a young teenager who has excelled at the school on York Street. After seeing the petition, she essentially demoted the children to inferior classes. That'll teach'm.

But, Ms. Joseph's antics didn't end there. She decided on her own that her students were going to eat healthy and that they'd have to go through a "security check" of sorts to prove they weren't bring what she considered contraband junk food into the school.

According to my sources, scores of students were ordered to open up their backpacks and purses for a food inspection. Dozens of goodies were confiscated, from potato chips to candy bars to soda. The students later said they felt like criminals. Some say their parents packed some of those items.

Now, the new email from the anonymous teacher.

Thank You for bringing light to this... As a teacher in the school there isn't much we can say with something negative happening or being written up. We are threaten and verbally abused often and in front of the students. Our children are very unhappy and so is the staff. The children of this community deserve better.

I have heard children say often they hate school because they are yelled at everyday and forced to write simply because of the upcoming test. When the writing isn't completed they are removed from class to complete the assignments. Even though it’s against the chancellor's regulations children are mistreated verbally. Many complain yet it still happens. My message to all outside MS 313, the real story is what goes on in the day to day happenings. Interview the children after school and they will tell you the truth. Anyone reading this "SEND HELP!!!!"

Us, teachers are even being forced to update a website that we believe is being monitored everyday by Ms. Joseph. My last question is this. If our test scores went up last year, and they did, why did more then 10 teachers of a 21 staffed school leave, only to teach together at other schools??? HMMMM???

Please keep reporting the news and please do a follow up. Please pass this on to others.




  1. I got the link to this page from another teacher in the building. I teach in the school downstairs but I am good friends with the teachers from MS 313. I wish I could add my name but unfortunately I am going to have to speak in the dark as the other teacher did.

    Everything that was posted previously about Ms. Joseph is true and then some. Teachers up at MS 313 are treated with no respect. They are screamed at in front of the children, as well as their professional standing is discussed with the children present. She removed their very successful basketball coach simply because he went to the union after getting hurt in the school breaking up a fight back in September. From what I heard they never even spoke to him to find out how he was doing or if he was coming back. I was told that this was the second fight in as many days and there was no male security to break it up. The only security was a young lady who was heard saying she is nothing getting into between those big boys. After returning in late October he found out he had been replaced without explanation. I know he would never admit or say publicly, but on his behalf I say I know he was disappointed to get hurt protecting the children only to lose his coaching position. Ms. Joseph even went as far as introducing a new teacher in his place without even knowing the outcome of his case. It was passed on to me that Ms. Joseph tried to remove the coach because he and Ms. Joseph were friends, which could cause a problem with him talking to other teachers. I speak highly of the coach since I have seen what he has done with a few of my past students who have gone up stairs to attend MS 313. He has taken girls in the neighborhood and traveled as for as Massachusetts so they can see the Basketball Hall of Fame. He has brought stability to a program that use to get no respect in this neighborhood. It is shame that now there is no program for other young ladies and the young men’s team has yet to play a game.

    Since September MS 313 has lost two teachers and Ms. Joseph is trying to run out a third. There is a math teacher who since they couldn’t get rid of her, brought in a replacement while she is still in the building. This has caused a problem with the children’s morale. Since they don’t understand why she was removed from teaching them. However after hearing what happen to the other teachers they feel they are powerless to effect change.
    This past week on Tuesday, January 6, 2009 I was told, during a poor attempt at a pep rally the children in the school were forced to sing the school song a second time after signing lack luster the first. Now here is the problem, the song is gospel song. The chancellors regulations states a child has the right to sit or not speak is they choose. The children’s rights were taken away with the threat of suspension as they sung. Ms. Joseph walked up and down the aisle looking for any student who was not singing. I was disgusted upon listening. To see children of color forced to do anything is lower than low. My own people have a history of abuse like the African Americans and I grew ill as it was explained to me.

    The song is "I Can Do Anything by Antwaun Stanley"
    She tried to down play it when a student said are we supposed to be singing a church song in school. Ms. Joseph made the comment that she was happy that students are making the connection to the song but it’s not a church song.
    Well here is the singers own words from Amazon.com review,
    "Antwaun Stanley says about his debut record: "It is a young style of music that genuinely ministers to the heart of listeners, and allows a one-to-one connection with God. If you've had experiences like mine or face different challenges in your life, I want people to know that with hope and faith, there is nothing you can't conquer."
    I am sorry that is religion based.

    The parents are misinformed, teachers are fearful and the children are unhappy. I have been around both of these schools for a few years. This neighborhood may not be the best but; MS 313 has a great history that has been tarnished. Teachers have been sent packing by a woman who is ruling under a cast iron fist. I can say this to anyone reading’ Come in interview the students, talk to the teachers off the record and then ask the Iron Maiden why have all these teachers left and all the changes needed if the scores went up last year??

    I truly wish I could leave my name; I don’t want this woman coming downstairs in our affairs at PS 307 when our school is on the up swing. Ms. Joseph takes advantage of parents in the neighborhood not being as connected to the school itself as in other places. I hope my friend gets out like she is planning. I would love to see her come down here since I know she is a great teacher who is also hurting for the kids and looking to leave.

  2. I taught at MS 313 a few years ago, before Ms. Joseph came to the school, and while she was there as an AP. From the beginning, she was verbally abusive to students, while being an ineffective disciplinarian. Serious problems were not addressed - students who got into a physical fight in a classroom were taken to the office by security, only to be immediately returned to class. At the same time, Ms. Joseph would scream at and insult students in the hallways on their way to class (and insult their family members as well). I thought things were bad at MS 313 while I was there, but I understand that things have only gotten worse since Ms. Joseph became the principal - now the abuse is dished out to teachers as well as students. Students cannot learn much in an environment where they are being verbally abused on a daily basis. This is unacceptable... I only wish that it was a unique situation.

  3. Dear George
    I am an educator who works at MS313.I am waiting for the end of the school year to transfer out.Teacher morale is very low. Disrespect from the principal Suzanne Joseph and assistant principal Esperance is at the highest level. Disrespect from the students and educators from Suzanne is ongoing.The UFT chapter leader Mary Wade works against the staff and for the principal.She misleads the teachers. The only thing Suzanne Joseph will do at the end of the school year is to give me a U rating like she did with some of the fifteen hard working, dedicated, staff members who walked out on her at the end of the 2008 school year.

    I love teaching but under these conditions I cannot think straight. Most of Suzanne's newly hired staff are very unqualified.Common branch teachers are teaching as specialized teachers.Most of the new staff teaches out of their liscence.Whatever is discussed with the Chapter leader goes back uncensored to the so called principal and she comes back lashing her tongue and yelling at the teacher in the hallway and inside of the classroom, in the presence of tne students. Suzanne Joseph is lacking decorum. She needs to take a course in first of all etiquette, then grammar, so that when she writes those threatening letters to the teachers, her spelling and grammar will be as a professional and not as an incoming sixth grader.

    I am so sad for these students and my coworkers. These students are coming from low income homes and at times have only the meals that's given at the school.Suzanne Joseph insults parents,teachers, and students,publicly.

    Please help. I am willing to have an interview with anyone.I hope the Union President hears about this principal and her devil behavior, and steps in to save the neighnorhood children, the hard working teachers,and select a new chapter leader.

    HELP with crazy principal. Current Teacher

  4. I am a veteran teacher, and taught at MS313 many years before Suzanne Joseph was sent in the middle of the school year as AP to the school. She made it known to the educators that she was in control. She started her yelling and disrespectfullness to the staff and students from then on.

    Suzanne Joseph was given the Principal's post the next year. By then she had no respect for her students and staff as well. She walked the hallway,classrooms, and offices discussing the teachers she cannot stand and her plans to get rid of them at the end of the school year. I found that to be very disrespectful.New teachers were never given the support they needed.Instead they were ridiculed anytime anyplace.

    I hope the DOE will really reconsider those who are qualified in all ways for positions, instead of taking an unqualified person and giving them a post. It hurts everyone.

    I have seen parents in tears, after they were yelled at and disrespected by Suzanne Joseph.Students were cutting classes to get away from Suzanne Joseph.

    Whenever an incident took place in the school and teachers wrote up reports to the DOE and UFT they were reprimanded.

    Suzanne Joseph has turned what used to be one of the best middle schools in Brooklyn to one of the worst schools.You must teach to the test.Nothing else was important.

    During my last year of teaching at MS313, Suzanne Joseph said that she could not wait to get rid of me at the end of the school year. She even went on to say that I was teaching without a liscence for all of my teaching career. When I asked her to sign the loan forgiveness application, Suzanne Joseph kept it for three weeks. During the fourth week she sent it via the school aide. I was surprized out of my witts when I read the note that accompanied my application.The note stated that I was under qualified and shs could not sign the application. I am state certified and teach in a shortage area,which is part of the requirement.

    During the school year Suzanne Joseph sent the staff letters reminding them to go to open market-the DOE hiring system. More than 15 of the 24 educators who were hired at MS313 in 2008 left the school at the end of the last school year. They including myself are all very happy at this time on new jobs. However I feel very sad for my friends who remained behind and are undergoing the type of treatment that caused fifteen staff members to walk out at the end of the last school year.

    I hope Suzanne JOseph gets the help she needs. Also at the end of the school year, when it is time for ratings, your staff members who made most of the level three and four to keep your school in good standing,and were never absent should never get a"U" along with being terminated from teaching in district 13.So you educators be good or find another school district.

    I hope everyone including that excellent PE teacher who was hurt and who used to be Suzanne Joseph's best friend, and all of my friends for many years, long before the "Devil Principal" arrived at that institutaion have the best teaching year. As for Suzanne Joseph, only time will tell. Look at the end of the rainbow.

  5. After working hard to get my certification, I was very excited to start teaching. But, beginning my school career at MS 313 would turn out to be a nightmare. I spent the year dealing with constant disrespect and unprofessionalism from Principal Joseph. She constantly yelled at me and other teachers in front of other students, causing students to in turn disrespect teachers. This made running a classroom intolerable.

    The situation in the school was so bad that before the school year ended, a majority of the teaching staff left, all by choice. But there were consequences towards their evaluations. Joseph always threatened to give a teacher an unsatisfactory rating when things did not go her way. She also would ask teachers to resign without any valid reason, just because she didn't like their teaching methods.

    How can someone who belittles children by yelling and disrespecting them, be a judge of someone else's teaching methods? I'm not surprised that the situation in the school is deteriorating on a daily basis. Discipline last year was minimal at best. The only people who made a difference in a majority of the students behavior were the staff members who left MS 313 last July. The people in charge of discipline cannot discipline students who are allowed to walk in the hallways, texting each other, and avoiding classes.

    It is a shame that teachers and concerned parents have been afraid to speak out on the problems at the school, in fear of retaliation by Principal Joseph. I hope that one day soon, the students can be saved from the constant abuse and negativity coming from the current administration.

  6. Why cant the staff at MS 313 talk about this stuff in an open forum. We talked about it in todays PTA meeting with Ms. Joseph there and it was good. We dont have to agree but communication is the key to it all. Nobody can stip me from addressing my concerns at the school. We should all feel the same way. Its all about the way you do it.

  7. The staff at MS313 was never allowed to address any issues at any meeting. Joseph is good at insulting people and hushing them up. She is even disrespectful to them in meetings. This is no longer her problems. She needs to answer to someone fromhere on


  8. Unappreciated TeacherJanuary 16, 2009 at 8:25 PM

    I am a teacher at the school, and I agree with what the previous commenter said about teachers being shot down when they voiced questions or concerns. At a recent staff meeting, one teacher mentioned that he encounters problems in the classroom because the students bring in their outside problems. The assistant principal's response was that the class he mentioned needs to be engaged through technology. I'm sorry, but if a student is having problems at home it doesn't matter if I use technology or not; the child will still be unfocused.

  9. Im a parent of a student that is currently attending M.S.313 and I am very upset as to what is going on there!! I am considering taking my child out of that school if something is not done soon!! My oldest daughter attended this school in the past and I used to speak highly of the school unfortunately I don't anymore!!we need help fast!!

  10. I was a former student at M.S.313 class of 2007, when Joseph was an assistant principal and I feel that she never cared about anyone in the building. I also feel that she had a problem with blaming our cheerleading squad for everything. At one incident that involved students NOT from MS 313, she referred to the our squad as fast girls who were letting boys run trains on us. One, that was nothing of our squad. Our squad consisted of the brightest girls in the school and ANYONE could see that. She's crazy..

  11. I am a former student at Middle School 313. I am trying to get my parents to send me to another school because their are so many things going on that this is crazy. I heard people talking about an incident that had happen with Ms.Suzanne Joseph I will rather not say anything but people should stand up and do something about this problem so many fights and violence and she does not do anything about this. If you are planning on coming to MS313 you rather not this school is dangerous and the principal is worse herself

  12. In my opinion no one gets respect or gets to stand up and say what they have to say. You do not have a say in what is going on. I personally think no one gets dignity in this school. This principal has gone crazy

  13. I am a student at MS 313 and I really dislike ms joseph. she is always screaming at my teacher for no reason. she also always screams at my sister for no reason. the other day we were talking in the hallway when it was time to leave and she screamed at us for no reason. Also at the beginning of the school year the 6th grade ELA teacher quit because of MS joseph. I really dont like MS joseph.

  14. Too anyone reading. It appears that many of the parents are not coming up to defend their children. Most recently, Ms. Joseph has offered the children McDonald's day.. Now that really shouldn't be a problem however if early this year she didn't want children to bring their own food why is she willing to sell them "Happy Meals"? Answer, so she can raise money to take a small group of children to Canada. Come on! Its OK for outside food when you want to FUNDRAISE off the children Ms. Joseph?
    This blog has done one thing, Ms. Joseph watches where she yells and when she is rude to us parents and teachers. She has even called the police to see if there is any way she could track who has been writing about her on the blog.
    This is a sad year for all involved, teachers, students and parents. However I don't see anything being done about it. I am so happy my child is getting out of the school. Ms. Joseph and her circle apparently are untouchable and all these post will amount to nothing.
    Ms. Joseph you truly are bullet proof within the Dept. of Ed. Bravo on destroying all you don't see it the way you do, you must be pleased with yourself!!

    BTW I haven't seen a positive comment about you yet, I wonder why?

  15. I want to take every reader down memory lane. Last school year whenever the teachers planned school trips, they were forced to submit the following information to the then AP, Michael Bostic (who needed to practice oral hygeine)six weeks in advance.
    A list of students not attending the trip. The teacher was also responsible for placing the students in other classes. That was not the job of the teachers. That was the job of the Mad principal or the then AP, Bostic. As if that was not sufficient stress on the staff. It ws brought to Josephs' attention many times she just looked at the teachers with more disrespect.The lame duck chapter leader Mary Wae who works against the staff and for the crazed woman advised the staff that it was part of the contract to follow the given instructions.

    Mad Joseph where were you when your teachers were crying out for help? You never gave them any respect. You demanded that the staff members who were leaving MS 313 for other schools write letters or resignation. Why? to further corrupt them. I hope by now that you are better educated. I hope from all of this exposure you have gotten, you change. I also hope that you begin early to recruit your new staff for the 2009 - 2010 school year. At least 15 staff members left you this schol year, the number is a lot bigger at this time for the year to come. It is now your turn to go to OPEN MARKET and advertise many many vacant positions, not only four like you did last year when you needed 15.The number is a lot bigger than last year.

    When you ill-treat and disrespect your staff, and you have staff turn over in that manner what happens the children at your school? I hope the DOE looks into this teacher turnover and advertise your job as vacant.

    Joseph I hope you gained something from actually reading all of the things that you have done to take bread from people, or I should say very humble, hard working citizens.

    I have known that school for many years. It was one of the top middle schools in Brooklyn. Now it is one of the worst. It is the first time in all of these years that students are allowed to curse the teachers and nothing is done.Students curse in the classrooms, in the hallway, just about any place. Nothing is done.
    Just some days ago one male student told a female teacher to suck his D...k That happend during class. All of the other students undergo this type of ordeal daily.

    When teachers complain they are reprimanded. The now AP Esperance who had no class room management last year as a teacher along with the Mad Joseph covers up everything.

    As was written earlier on the blog, Is Mindy Kim josephs' personal secretary on a teachers' salary. She does not teach in the classroom

    Please go and investigate corruption at MS 313. The current staff, parents, students, and those who worked there before are ready to speak out when needed.

    Joseph has become a bit calm around school, but she has Esperance and Valmon going after the staff and students.

    Esperance forced the students to sing gospel songs two weeks ago. Some parents have spoken to lawyers. they claimed when it happened the first time they thought it would have been the last. Instead Esperance has forced the students to sing the song and threatened them by sayiny that they must sing it for the graduation.

    Things have hot changed at MS 3113. Joseph has given her wolf clothing to the AP Esperance. At the same time Joseph is wearing her horse- clothing-Kicking a....

    no change
    looking for June 26 to say bye bye

  16. Why would Joseph be concerned as to who wrote all of these articles about her? After knowing Joseph for all of these years and working with her , everything posted on this blog has been the truth. Joseph will disrespect a sleeping dog. One thing I know for sure, She is not educated to hold the post. As she stated, the job was given to her. She is still in shock.

    Joseph the days are coming, I want to see you teaching in the classroom again, if you are allowed that much. You never had control of the classes that you taught then. I do not know what makes you think you are all that. the staff you met at MS313 were always in more control of the students than you. You disrespected everyone of them in your own way.

    Looking forward to seeing you in the classroom again girl.

  17. What is the money used for? I do not think so. Students are over charged for every event at the school. The money can never be accounted for. Joseph's best friend from the neighborahood collects money at the door and can never account for it. talk about hush hush, do not allow anyone to know. the money is always missing.

    DOE please investigate the missing funds. This has been happening for a very long time.

    Also Where was Joseph the night for the talent search when the police had to shut down the event. Again HUSH Joseph was nowhere to be found, with an event taking place after school in the building HUSH do not allow anyone to know.

    The school aide who was involved in something wrong HUSH do not tell anyone. We must not let that get outsice of the building.

  18. The students at MS 313 have taken over the school. The staff is no longer in control. Joseph is responsible for that. She has taken away control of the students from the staff, who were doing a pretty good job. When Joseph shouts at the teachers in the presence of the students this is what happens. I am about to remove my child from MS 313 and I am asking other parents to do the same. The types of vulgur conversations that take place openly by children and the deliberate conversations with respect to body parts has taken over this school. My child and others have complained about exposure to XXX rated statements made to teachers by students. When students complain to adminstration, they are looked at in the faces and told that it never happened. Is Joseph trying to cover it up to get a good name for her school. Is she interested in each childs' welfare or her own job title.

    At this time I am very concerned and confused as my child stated.

    Will someone out there please look into this. I know most parents have decided to remove their children for the next school year and for the younger ones they will be sent to other schools.
    Teachers have decided not to report these safety incident because the chapter leaderpushes it under the rug and turns around and accuse the teachers.

    Help needed

  19. I want to say this right now Ms. Joesph and Ms. Esperance you despicable by pulling my child and his classmates out of their class to ask them has any teacher given them information on this website!! How dare you!! What type of Beast are you!! My son says you bust into their room and disrespect whatever teacher is trying to teach. Each time I have spoken to you about this site you ignore more. Well I am going to talk to find someone who will help us parents out. Dr. Machen was in the building Friday and as you put on the smiley face with my son and others, YOU HAD CHILDREN THROWING BOOKS OUT THE WINDOW!!
    You steal from the kids with the ice cream sales, Balloons and other BS you try to steal from us parents.
    My son says they were charged $7 for a school dance!! WTF, A SCHOOL DANCE!!!
    This is criminal..

    My son says he is scared in the building because kids walk around and refuse to go to detention when its given to other students. He has only 4 more months until he moves on to HS.. Thank God Ms. Thomas loves her job and you don't bother her. She has helped my son get in position to get into a great HS.. No thanks to you and you HENCEMAN!!!


    My Son and I need Help!!!

  20. Someone wrote that the teacers dont report safety incidents. That is not entirely true - some of the teachers have talked to the rep at the UFT but there is only so much he can do.

  21. The teachers who report safety incidents are humiliated. Joseph and her henchman Mary wade must approve the incidenrt before it is reported to the authorities concerned. Suzanne Joseph it seems as though you have forgotten the statements you made during the last school year to your staff. ' I will go to each teacher to talk about incidents that were reported without my permission.' You have never stood up for your teachers. :You do not know how much they wanted you to do that. The UFT head office was informed seconds after you made that comment.

    Maniac Joseph, students who returned to class last week complained that you and your staff Esperance and that next dunce Valmom interrogated them when they refused to give information as to how they know about the wed site. How did you hear about the website Joseph? Why does it bother you so much. Every comment on this blog, about you and what you have done to your staff, and those children who come from very low income families has been nothing but the truth. Why are you upset with the children knowing? You taught them best of all how to disrespect the teachers. Didn't you know better?

    Now Joseph, as for Ms Mindy Kim, your personal secretary who is being paid as a teacher, What are you doing from here on about that? Especially with budget cuts. You have that stooge saying 'yes Ms Joseph, Yes Ms Joseph'
    I wonder what were Dr. Machen's take on that?
    Any way like you tell your staff, no-one can touch you because of your relationship with the big man at the DOE. Call name? I would respond.

    Again JOseph stop treating those children with disrespect. They may be the ones who will save you in the future. Be nice to them.

    Parents are not happy with you, teachers are not happy with you. I wonder who is or was ever happy with you?

    Heaven help this mad individual

    under your nose

  22. Teachers at MS 313, please do not allow anyone to catch you on the computer. Joseph has decided that those caught will be the ones to get U ratings at the end of the school year. Thias is how ridiculous it has become. What is the use of your excellent teaching methods? there is someone walking around with a notebook taking back information to Maniac Joseph. It just may be you next.

    Be Ware!!!!

  23. This rude and incoherent principal must have common prep luncheons with the principal from 393 in Bed-Sty, Marian Bowden. Both run their schools like mad dictators, working tirelessly to crush the esteems of students, teachers and parents. I would only hope that ABC's 20/20 or some other show, not afraid of, or having affiliations with Bloom and Klein would bring in their hidden cameras and do some type of investigative report and expose the major crap that these chancellor appointed principals are pulling day to day in our schools. Maybe then we could have some real education reform in NYC and across this country. But then again that would education. ( And I don't think the powers that be really want that.)

  24. When I worked at Lafayette High School, I thought that Jolanta Rohloff HAD to be THE worst Principal in the NYC/ DOE system.

    Now that I read many of the teacher blogs, and worked at other schools, it seems that there are MANY carbon copies of Jolanta Rohloff throughout the DOE/NYC. Is this Suzanne Joseph ANOTHER person out of the much vaunted "Leadership Academy"?

    What is it about the DOE that Principals and Assistant Principals treat teachers and students so shabbily? Don't they WANT to keep their teachers and educate their students? Doesn't seem so, at least under this Bloomberg/Klein regime.

    I wish that I had some words to make those of you suffering under this nut job feel better, but this seems to be the way the DOE/NYC WANTS the school system to be run. And, the UFT does NOTHING......

    All of you working at this school have my sincere sympathy.

  25. This is my first year teaching at MS 313, Suzanne Joseph runs the school like a dictator. I am leaving at the end of the school year and I do not know why any teacher would stay another year there. I know alot of the teachers have no respect for Joseph, but they do what ever she wants so they can keep their job. I have talked to the other teachers and asked them to get involved and help get her out, but these teachers want to stay at MS 313 so they are afraid to speak out. I have reported Joseph to many people and have even reported issues to the UFT, but no one can do anything. The only thing I can do now is to get out before she ends my teaching career. Joseph has lost control of the kids and she often has no control over herself, the kids can’t respect each other and do not respect me, some of my male students have made disrespectful and sexual comments to me, this is actually Joseph’s fault because she shows no respect for the teachers or the kids, I do not feel safe at this school. I have been writing alot on this blog and nothing has changed for us, I will continue to write after I leave and will talk to anyone who will listen and to anyone who can help get her out. Peace…

  26. To the teacher who wrote the above comment, my heart goes out to you. It would not get any better. I do not want to go public but I strongly support you. Stay calm and do the best when it comes to your teaching. Do not give maniac joseph any reason to give you an unsatisfactory rating at the end of the school year. You see In her year and a half as principal (very unqualified) and her short time as AP again most unqualifiedmaniac Joseph has given many of her best staff members unsatisfactory rating. In her time as a teacher she was given U ratings very often. She needs to close her mouth. She was never liked where ever she worked.

    The teachers last year appealed their U ratings. Joseph changed all of the teachers information to make herself look good. Joseph never appers to the hearings. She remains on the phone calling teachers liars, and screaming at the top of her voice, the same manner in which she yells at her students and in the building. Now folks she does this at hearings. She takes her disrespectful behavior everywhere. All present in the room during the hearing are amazed at the negative attitude.

    Joseph you know you are doing wrong things daily. How many times would you stand in the hallway and point out the young girls to the police to have them removed in handcuffs? As to the last girl removed, you joseph are responsible for that child acting how she did. You never gave that child help when she cried out for it.You know where she lives.Instead you cursed her like a criminal in the hallway.You were the adult, you and Valmon helped to destroy that young girl. Where is the report the student from the sixth grade wrote. Why was'nt that report included in the file sent to the court. Is it because you are going to have him change what he said. The same way you have teachers change their grades when you are not happy with them. Joseph I have every bit of information you have sent out there. When the time is right I will use them.

    Around this time I was told that you send teachers to open market, and you also ask them to write letters of resignation. Maniac, you should try and get some help to write yours. Your grammar was always poor. I was also told that after school your entire math department including your now math coach would take the memos that were given and for every error on it they took a drink. When they left the bar they were unable to stand upright. That should tell you something Joseph. Instead of planning to give teachers U rating how about you teaching yourself some grammar. As for those memos ask your present ELA coach to proof read before you distribute them. Also you cac ask your math coach to count how many errors are on the memos---- Sorry, she may not be able do that without errors. She is just like you. Please put in an application for the spring semester and go somewhere and learn. Or wear a uniform daily and sit in any class. We the teachers here would like to teach you and treat you just how you treat the students.

    Looking to see your resume on open market. I am also posting mine and I will be hired before you.

    Disgusted teacher

    During the school year there was a female student who Joseph,

  27. Joseph do you think stranger people are posting your behavior on this site? Everyone is either still employed on MS 313 budget, worked there before or has or had a child attend that school.
    You crossed their path and made avery negative impact on their lives.
    It is very sad. Joseph you are in the wrong profession

  28. I'm a parent hearing about web site do you think ms Joseph knows about people writing on here does she care if she knows if she does care she knows that most teachers dont like her or respeck her. why does she stay were noone likes her the teachers are nice they are good teachers there why does she treat then so bad? in stead of all the teachers leaving she shoud be leaving.

  29. As a New York City public school teacher I was sympathetic toward the teachers at MS 313, a couple of months back I even commented on this blog and wrote a letter to the Superintendent voicing my concerns about this principal. While I’m still in complete support of most of the teachers and all the students at MS 313, I wanted to comment on something that was brought to my attention recently, comments a teacher at MS 313 posted about her students on a social networking site.

    My question is this, if this teacher and other teachers at MS 313 are so upset by Joseph’s disrespectful behavior towards them and the students, why would this teacher then disrespect her students by posting comments about them? And why would the other teachers who have been so outraged by what Joseph has been saying about their students, tolerate this from another teacher? In one of her posts she called one of her students “f---ing demonized b---h child” This is just one of many disrespectful comments made by this teacher over the last few months. It makes me and some of my fellow teachers who have also written letters in support of the teachers and students at MS 313 wonder what is really going on over there, is Joseph really the problem? Is this how other teachers at MS 313 talk about their students, or is this teacher alone in how she feels and talks about her students?

    We, as teachers, are and should be, held to a much higher standard, we should be setting a better example for our kids, no matter what happens or what they do in the classroom, even if one of your students breaks your phone, which, from all accounts, is what caused her to write her latest and by far, most alarming comment. I understand the stress and the need to vent, but to post these comments… it’s indefensible. If the teachers at MS 313 are crying out for help, telling us about the disrespect shown to them and to the students, shouldn’t the teachers be called out when they too are disrespectful to the kids?

    I will leave the teachers and staff of MS 313 with one last thought, when you come to this or any other blog to comment on your principal’s bad behavior, and I do believe that Joseph is all that she is reported to be, you should come with clean hands. I know one of the teachers at MS 313 very well, she feels the same way about this and told me that this same teacher has complained alot about Joseph’s treatment of her students, go figure, seems a little hypocritical to me. I know firsthand that a large percentage of the teachers at MS 313 are wonderful teachers and have the respect for their students that this teacher seems to be lacking, but it is very disappointing to learn that one of the teachers we have been supporting has been repeatedly calling the children she is teaching, “demonized children” and more. The other teachers at MS 313 should be outraged by these comments also, you can’t say that it’s unacceptable for the principal to disrespect these kids but okay for a fellow teacher to do it, sounds like a double standard to me.

    I love the children I teach, even those who give me the most trouble, those kids need me the most, how can a teacher go into the classroom every day and give the kids what they need if she believes that those same kids are “f---ing demonized, bitch children?”

  30. To the teacher who wrote the comment above me.

    Don’t let the mean-spirited comments of one of our teachers have you rethinking what’s going on here, everything everyone wrote about Joseph on here is true. The teacher you’re talking about is one of our English teachers. I saw a copy of her fb page from another teacher in the building and can confirm everything you said regarding the comments she made about her kids. Other teachers saw it too. She doesn’t represent me and she stands alone in her obvious antipathy and disrespect for her kids. I’m ignoring this person and her comments; she’s not worth my energy. I don’t know her well but the teacher who showed it to me does, she’s leaving and wants to get her last few months done without any problems with others teachers, it’s bad enough we have to deal with an out of control principal. Trust me we’re just as disgusted by her comments as you are. I agree with you that she is a hypocrite for saying that stuff about her kids and at the same time complaining about Josephs disrespectful behavior, but I can’t stress this enough, JOSEPH IS THE REAL PROBLEM HERE; she can do some real damage to the kids and the teachers. Don’t be sidetracked by one teacher and her stupidity. Now I know there’s at least one teacher who’s working both sides, all the teachers need to be careful what you say and to whom you say it. This school is a BIG mess!


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